Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Video Teleconference with an OUTLAW!

Me: Yeah, uh, huh. This seems as if it might be doable. You get with your guys, I'll get with mine and we'll see if we can hammer out the fine print.

Him: So, you want to see if I can put together a face-to-face next week or something?

Me: I really don't see the need, do you?

Him: I'll ask Cheryl and see what she thinks, but no, let's let the lawyers get their own damn coffee.

Me: I like the way you think, I have a volunteer-y thing out of town next week anyway, works for me. Shoot me an e-mail with more details, I'll see what I can find out from my end.

Him: Hey! Do you play golf?

Me: Never held a club, you like the gentlemen's things? I got a couple of those weekend "convention" things around here somewhere.

Him: Send them on!

Me: Done. Thanks for the help.

Him: My pleasure.


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ChristinaJade said...

Never held a club. *snark* mmmmmkay....

Silky mullet, by the way.

classicaliberal said...

I don't think I've been here long enough to get this post, yet. On the surface, I was tempted to call the Twitter COPS, but I'll wait until I understand the inside jokes and stories bettah.

BTW, I'm glad you're back! I was trying to load the webbyblarg for like 20 minutes, and nothing! I was dispondant and inconsolable.

classicaliberal said...

I miss Critical(ly retarded) Technical(ly challenged). I wonder what he's been up to...?

Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, sometimes in business it is a good thing to hide personal information or you wind up playing Bovina Country Club with sodbusters. FAIL.

CL, the critical thing missing from the post was the "VIDEO" teleconferencing part. I was wearing my NON-superhero outfit (ie: alter-ego) and immediately upon the conversation's conclusion, I stripped down to my crime fighting clothes!


Andy said...

Dang really have lost a lot of weight.

You actually look like a binnesman now...all profressional and evuthing! Shoot man, you clean up real good!

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I so want the T-shirt.

When I was teaching a bunch of Polynesian kids they would often come up and make the hand sign and say "Sup Mr C?" and I would say in a nerdy voice "I'm very well thank you how are you?"

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, all you gotta do to drop the weight that I have lost in the last two years is stop drinking a case of beer every night, and walk at least two miles a day.

And Andy, do you not see the full body photo or something?

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, all you have to do to get the shirt is whip out yo' gat if you spy me all up in yo' 'Hood and get at blastin'.

WhatEVER the Hell that means.

Skunkfeathers said...

They still "have your folks call my folks and we'll arrange a shaft handling"?

Man, I so DON'T miss the corporate woild ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, you saw that FB photo with me asleep at my desk, huh?

ChristinaJade said...

Paul, I think all the dudes are tellin' you that you're hot. Interesting male bonding thing ya'll got going on today.

Just sayin'

Paul Mitchell said...

Just my luck, too, CJ, wimmerns never hit on me.

Anonymous said...

Your comment section is always so much fun to read! Of course, I am a good Christian woman and don't get any of the jokes... nope, not at all. ;o)

And what CJ said. LOL!