Thursday, August 06, 2009

And Japan Goes BOOM!

At one point in our nation's history, doing the right thing was automatic. And at one point in the history of mankind, people understood that war was always going to happen. Disagreements happen between people and there is a falling out, but when countries disagree, the final solution is war. Yes, it is an answer, maybe it is not preferable, but it is DEFINITELY an answer.

Sixty-four years ago today, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. While the bomb ultimately cost the lives of over one hundred thousand Japanese, it saved possibly one million of our United States military. That must have been a hard decision, NOT! Just so you know, that decision would never be made today.

Our population has become too needy and soft. Most of those folks that live in the big cities could no more provide for their sustenance than a newborn.

Fully TEN PERCENT of our population refuses to feed themselves. Grasp that, they REFUSE to feed themselves. In other words, the government is FORCING them to LIVE.

Our Executive Branch of our federal government has decided that simply changing definitions of things make them go away. Hey, here's an idea, let's just call Muslim terrorists 'florists' and instead of EXPLOSIVES, let's call them 'bushel bags of one hundred dollar bills!' At what point does the normal population of people stand up and scream loudly, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" (Of course, then promptly following the normal people uprising, Nancy Pelosi will accuse them of being Nazis. Yes, she lost the entire debate forever and ever.)

Not only that, but it is now to the point where someone that is so perfectly incompetent that she simply MUST be promoted to the ultimate pinnacle of power. This is so far beyond even the minimum standard of intelligence that it could ONLY come from the President and the Congress of the United States.

How about the national media and some vicious PUSSIES on the left get together and trash a good family to the point of forcing a sitting governor to RESIGN because frivolous lawsuits are sending her state into bankruptcy? The guy that LIED about her marriage has been fired from his job and to me that is not enough. Not to sound like Billy Badass, but the perfect remedy to this situation is a good swift orbital bone breaking. If a person rolls up on an innocent and blasts them, the retaliation should be swift and INHUMANE. Jesse Griffin should be burned and then drowned. Maybe that would 'disincentivise' others from making the malicious statements about people just to garner attention. Yes, I am deadly serious, the left has gotten too far out of hand.

We have gotten to the point where our elected officials call normal people Nazis and angry mobs and stupid shit like that. We, the folks that make this country move, are the BAD GUYS to those on the left. Then, let's be the bad guys.

Classical Liberal, our former guest poster that has gone batshit crazy (in a good way) on his spanking new blog, puts on the barbed-wire covered, chainsaw glove of love and smacks down progressive talking points. With malice. Repeatedly. I cried.

And How NOT To: The Mayor violates one basic rule of blogging by blowing his wad in the title, Doglick Eye.



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ChristinaJade said...

Of course the Executive Branch is changing the definition of words and eliminating phrases from the language. Dude, they are using 1984 as a playbook! We should ALL learn our Newspeak, embrace it, and then re-learn it in a couple months when they change it again. *sarc*

As for Griffin, I would hate to be that guy if he ever encounters Todd Palin in a dark alley. Just sayin'

Skunkfeathers said...

Feed Griffin to a polar bear and screw PETA's complaint about the bear being sick afterward.

Yeah, Barry's using Sol Alinsky's philosophy to a tee, and that beeyotch Bela Pelosi would have made a perfect Mrs. Goebbels.

My prediction of voter remorse within 6 months of Barry bringing his socialist/marxist travellin' Chicagoland Corruption Show to a national venue, is right on schedule. Sink, poll numbers, SINK.

classicaliberal said...

Thanks for teh link! And the Crowder video is hilarious cause it's TRUE!