Sunday, August 16, 2009

A College Gameday Post (Not Really!)

We are now a mere 18 days away from College Gameday. As you are well aware, this blog is the main source linked by The Google as your College Gameday headquarters. This college footbaw season, I shall be posting the location for the Four Letter's College Gameday trips, because you never want to be without that information and the actual site IS FLASH!!!! (And we all KNOW how badly Flash sucks.)

Anyhoo, here's the Sunday Link-A-Rama.

If the Blogfather actually finds you important enough to pen a few words about your post, you really do SUCK. Glenn's interpretation is BRUTAL and so very out of character. By the way, I rarely link Instapundit because his blog is mostly a link aggregater anyway, so he should be sending me an e-mail asking if I am okay or off my meds. (Glenn, do not waste the characters, I am going to ignore the e-mail anyway, I have you flagged as SPAM.)

All of y'all know that there is nothing that makes me happy like a TRUE. BLOG. BEATDOWN. Dan Riehl drags out the razor bladed, barbed-wire wrapped 2 x 4 in this one! I virtually cried.

DPUD administers a First Round KO in this one. BUTTHURT.

A reasoned rebuttal from Doug. Unanimous decision.

Patrick takes on the entire Leftist World Body. He goes all in on the Communists.

No Sheeples Here.

Here's a bunch of words that might be silenced in the name of diversity. WTF?

If you were trying to spread a HOAX about some kind of FAULTY SCIENCE, wouldn't you HIDE THE DATA that proves you wrong? The Climatic Research Unit certainly does.

So, even though I never watch or listen to O'Reilly, I still know that he is the kind of leftist that is interested in making money. (YES! O'Reilly is NOT conservative, check him out!) To compare O'Reilly to The Olberdouche really goes beyond the pale. Keith GOT FIRED from The Four Letter. What kinda special idiot gets fired from The Four Letter? Keith.

I have never seen nor read a single Harry Potter movie or book, so I have no clue why he got a tee-vee show. I wish that I didn't have to shave MY face.

More of the Little Wizard Boy.

YAY! Free healthcare! Teeth? Oh, who fucking needs those things?

I lurve me some boycotts! I have been boycotting wimmerns dress shops for my entire life. And for some reason, I have NEVAH stepped foot into a Whole Foods. It must be that I am boycotting them, too!

Do you remember when they were talking about The Obamoron's foreign policy experience? This kid surpasses Barry worldliness and has the certificate to PROVE IT.

Good Lord, I almost coughed up my skull laughing at this. It is simply because I am a racist, too. And here is some EXTREME RACIST FUNNY.

For you women that are looking for the ultimate workout, please get one of these. Use it for a couple of months, then give me a call.

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Joubert said...

O'Reilly may be a bit of a bore but Olberman really is a nutter. I saw him once by mistake and that was enough.

Thanks for the link.

ChristinaJade said...

The 15 year old kid got a REWARD for using the bus? Holy crap, next thing you know, they will be giving out TROPHIES for going potty when one is 16! YAY!

By the way, Maddow makes all of us with those body parts look bad. Really.

ChristinaJade said...

Almost forgot!


Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, please keep those weird frigging body parts to yourself, spiders might come out of them or something.

ChristinaJade said...

Just for that, I take my COLLEGE GAMEDAY back. HA!

Skunkfeathers said...

COLLEGE GAME DAY (even if the teams I support all suck and none are in the Top 10...20...50...5 BILLION...).

And soon to hit TVs and stadiums across da nashun...da NFL!@!@! Being a Broncos fan these days is fun...really. To use Yogi Berra math, half the town hates the new QB, half the town hates the new coach, and now -- thanks to pablum mouth up in Barry's 'hood in Chicagoo-goo -- half the town hates pablum mouth up in Barry's 'hood in Chicagoo-goo. Someone posted a '09 schedule in my workplace, and optimistically already marked it with wins and of the former. Hooha, it gonna be FUN ;) As for the rest of the politics stuff, both O'Reilly and Olberputz suck...each other. That is, when Olberputz gives Matthews a moment to take over sucking on Barry.