Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Much Does Obama Suck? Tricycle.

Yeah, I just do NOT know. I got nothing. But, it does bring back memories of SEVEN.

I mean really folks, I spend a few minutes gone to a meeting and we lose all of the ground that we have gained?

Okay, we had pretty much placed the final nail in the AGW coffin with the BULLSHIT science and the craziness of being afraid of CO2, now it is OXYGEN? Really? Do you know what HUMANS have to have to survive? Yeah, right. Why don't the Libtards just say, "We are going to start killing ALL humans."?

And of course, killing people is exactly what ObamaFAILcare is all about. Thank goodness that people are starting to WANT the healthcare bill to PASS. WTF, MSNBC, do you think that maybe, just maybe, you could actually report the TRUTH just once?

Maybe the fact that now The Obamoron is pushing the Christian angle gives us an idea on how they plan on getting medical services destruction legislation passed. Where's the support? RACISM!!!

Luckily, there are still six people in this country other than us that are not friggin' imbeciles.

Guess what? Since the Idiot Federal Government is attempting to kill people, they might as well starve old people to death, too. Mmmmm, Hopium is GUUD. Wonder why they HAVE to kill old people? Well, they bought a bunch of road signs and shit which bankrupted the country entirely.

Guess what other ways the Obama White House has determined that Americans need to die? Let's do away with that friggin' pesky interrogation of Muslim terrorists and prosecute those people that have kept our country safe for the last eight years. SAFE is BAD. And what do the idiots at Demotarded Undereducated say about this stuff? LAUGH RIOT.

If anyone really wanted to clean up all the crime in the world, they would simply arrest ALL Democrats, but that would just be too easy. And the Clintons would have already been put to death for their crimes against humanity.

In case you forgot, our President is a simpering imbecile and he bolsters that fact daily. Who made out like a bandit with his Cash for Clunkers fucktasticfuckarama? Really, no one in this country!

Instead of THIS SHIT, you know what is a really good idea? On September 11, 2009, let's get together and plant some fucking Muslims in the ground for their murdering of 2996 of our family. Am I HURT? NO. Bean has to redeploy to Islamitard Country because we simply refuse to eradicate them from the planet. Pray for her, by the way.

The 'Sip newz.

Christina Jade sent me the link to this Twittah profile, really READ IT.

All of this doesn't seem possible in such a short period of time, but I did leave the BrittFarr Retirement Watch to The Nation for a total of thirty-six hours and he blew that shit. Yes, if you are looking for someone to blame for BrittFarr coming back, it is a "FRIEND" of mine. Not only that, The Nation was actually in New Orleans, practically ON TOP of BrittFarr. He should have thrown himself in front of the plane when it was on the damn runway. By the way, The Nation avoided my calls for four whole days afterward. This is what I got when he finally answered.

*Ring, ring ring*

Him: Dude, you cannot blame me. I was DRUNK. IN A BAR.

Me: Couldn't you have gotten one of the guys back home to slit his hammy OR SOMETHING?

Him: You really should turn on The Four Letter, it is like BrittFarr Orgam-O-tastic all day long. I am suicidal.

If you are looking for the ROOT CAUSE of the Return of BrittFarr, blame this guy.

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ChristinaJade said...

That deal with Obama doing the church tour really ticked me off. Here's the same guy who just HAD to cover Jesus while he gave a speech going around telling everyone that we are our brother's keeper? What in the world gives him the right to speak to any person about Christianity after that stunt at Georgetown? HYPOCRISY!!!!

I just wonder if MSNBC isn't still living out an April Fool's Joke from years ago, and are purposely reporting the news backwards? I know that's a bit of a stretch, but other than large quantities of drugs, there would be no other rational excuse for the crap they spew forth daily.

Andy said...

Paul, personally I am glad that Favre is coming back to play. Especially for Minnesota.

And hey man...for what good my prayers are these days, Bean has got 'em in full.

Ha! my word verification is "herdoo"

Staci said...

Sending up a prayer for Bean today and in the days to come.

That twitter stuff from shitmydadsays is hysterical.

Full Metal Patriot said...

I welcome ALL liberals who believe mankind is a blight on the planet to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint by assuming room temperature. Or they can shut the hell up.

Either way, problem solved.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, they have to assume that we are NOT going to follow their lead, FMP. If we could just convince them all that polar bears were sweet, cuddly animals, the world would be a better place.

ChristinaJade said...

Hey, thought I had Bean's email, but I don't. Please pass on that she is on the military prayer list at Trinity's school now. Much love to her...and THANKS for her service.