Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul - Dead at 94

The world mourns the passing of the man that gave us joy everyday of our lives.

Les Paul - Wiki.

And here is a video, at least hang around until 3:15 or so for the meaning in this story.

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Andy said...

Yo Paul, Thanks for noting the passing of Les. I know a guy (well, I really don't know him...he just sends me e-mails) that grew up with Les Paul, and was a lifelong friend. He was a long-time radio guy in Washington DC, but trod the same soil as Les as a kid...

He has written a biography of the great Les Paul, and another old REAL friend (you've seen me mention Cowdad) has edited the book. I believe that it is going to be published in a few months.

I stay in close contact with Cowdad, and will get a signed copy and mail it to you.

Those guitar guys really freak me out. I tried about 5 times in my life to figure that git-fiddle out. FAIL! Eldest son picked one up at about 4 years old, and can tear the danged thing up. He's got an "ear."

Man, your word verifications are getting really boring. "Cohimi" ???

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Well that is a pink double neck "Hello kitty" Gibson you're playing in your blogger image isn't it?

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, if you send me a signed copy, I shall be forced to kiss you on the mouth. Oh well.

OSO, the neck is actually Jimmy Page's Gibson 1275.

Andy said...

Okay...the "signed copy" deal is off.

BTW, you have an excellent memory.

Yeah, I'll go ahead and do it anyhow. Just give my gift to some deserving lady.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, is you memory comment because I remember the Gibson 1275? Because Gibson made a big deal about releasing a copy not too long ago. Maybe a year back?

I can kiss Cowdad on the mouth instead.

ChristinaJade said...

Ya'll better post pics of all this kissing stuff.

Srsly, there is just almost nothing sexier than a dude playing blues on a low-slung Les Paul. Just sayin'

Skunkfeathers said...

I'm staying out of this kissing crap, unless it involves CJ (and she's smarter than to kiss a skunk, I reckon LOL).

Another music icon gone. But what a career!

ChristinaJade said...


Now, where's the tomato juice.

MUD said...

Les Paul is remembered because of his guitar design. He should be the best known because of his boc that laid down tracks over tracks and made our music what it is today. I guess I'll settle for the music side but really he was a music/electrical geek that made the world a better place. God Rest les.