Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obligatory, I Ain't Dead Post

Folks, sorry that I have not been all up in the blorx, but life has called and I had to respond. F*CK YOU LIFE. (I decided to start placing the '*' in the bad words again, because those do not count toward the penance. It is called 'cheating' and it appears that I am going to have to get reconstructive knee surgery from all the D*MN Hail Marys and Our Fathers that I am rolling through.)

When life kicks up and important/difficult things happen, I go into fire-stomping, problem-solving mode and all other things take a backseat. Sorry, but multi-tasking cannot include life and death decisions, they require my full attention and brutality. That said, I still have to find pleasure at the same time and even though this blog is one of my favorite things in this world, alas, it is not the first one.

Before everyone floods my inbox because y'all are seriously the biggest support group, bunch of mothering pansies, and the most concerned folks in the entire world, NO, this circumstance does NOT directly influence my life, it involves one of my close non-virtual friends and I am very concerned and am keeping my ear to the rail in an all out effort to help her the best way that I know.

After being offline for about 39 hours, I got the chance to catch up on my reading this afternoon. Almost 2000 posts that I "read," 30 something that I bookmarked to leave a comment, and quite a few that really touched me. I just do not have the time to do them justice right now, but I shall point to two on completely opposite sides of my emotional realm.

Salute. There is hardly anything in this world that gives me as much joy seeing as the parental pride from an overly emotional father. Kinda wordy post if you look for what is said. The worst part is that Dad kinda blocked comments.

And I read one million sports blogs. College Gameday is awesome. BUT! Pro-sports kinda suck. Suck like Brittfar. It is UNpossible that anyone exists in this world that hates Brittfar like I do. I plan on inventing a GOLFBALL MACHINEGUN to deal with this M*THER F*CKER.

Please take the time to comment.


ChristinaJade said...

Nice to have ya back in the internetties. You're going to wear out your * key, though, by censoring yourself. I'll have Santa put you down for a keyboard for Christmas.

classicaliberal said...

Fahvuhree is a genius! 2 year contract (read: this season) for $25 Million and he didn't even have to show up for camp. He fits their West Coast offense perfectly, takes some of the defensive focus off of Adrian Petersen and fills the largest whole the Vikings had. Love him or hate him, the move is brilliant and it makes the Vikings a whole lot more interesting and it makes them contenders this year.
If the sole job of the head coach is to win games, thus filling the seats and making the owner money, this is one of the most brilliant moves in Pro Football in years!

/favre d*ck sucking

Paul Mitchell said...

CL, you got a little dollop of cum on your chin.

Brittfar BLOWS.

classicaliberal said...

In that case, don't read my post... Just saying.

Andy said...

Thanks Paul for the Salute. I will pass it on to the man. I did block comments on that particular post. I have bothered my 8 readers enough fishing for "attaboys" on that subject.

Thanks again. I appreciate it. I mean it.