Wednesday, August 05, 2009

One Monkey, One Keyboard... the collected works of Shakespeare are unlikely, but a book from Cornel West or Al Franken is easily completed.

When I finally kicked open my reader last night, I had over 1200 posts waiting for me. I must admit that I did not read every word. Sorry folks, but I did skim every single one of them, made notes, and marked the ones that I wanted to linkdump.

Oddly, the birth certificate thingy is STILL in the news. You would think that President Nancyboy would simply go ahead and release that, huh? Why are so many people asking about that and so many fakes cropping up? Let's just assume that Barry thinks that spending ONE MILLION DOLLARS to keep it sealed is a good idea. What could possibly be on that long form thingy? Is Obamoron NOT his real father? WHO CARES?!?!?!?! Barry is an idiot of monumental proportions, who knocked up his MOONBAT mother is unimportant. We all know that the Dunhams are scuzbuckets, just like the Obamas. Again, WHO CARES?!?!?!?!

So, what makes people want to find out these things, could it be a plot to marginalize the SMART PEOPLE by making them look like Leftard idiots like Barry? Hmmmm?

When even Patrick is holding on to posts about the BC, something is amiss. (Here's another link to Orly's shitdouchery.)

Personally, I think that Basil has nailed why Barry refuses to simply give us that piece of paper. The whole Witness Protection scenario also answers why the "Secret Service" whipped out the auto-gatts on normal people.

And of course I have been keeping track of what is going on with your money, too. Funny how, according to the Barrystream Media, the economy is BLAZING on all cylinders right now, yet NEVER when Bush was in office.

So, why will Barry and his merry gaggle of fucking imbeciles NOT simply cut taxes and get this country back on track? Us 95% could sure use that tax cut right now. Oh, that is right, they are contrarian economists. By the way, the longest peace time expansion of the economy ENDED when the Party of the Morons took over in 2007.

How is that battle over destroying our medical services going? At Below the Beltway, Doug links the explanation that Barry is a dangerous, lying POS. But, we already knew that, right? Right?

And how are those dirty commoners responding to those town hall meetings on destroying medical services? NOT GOOD. But, at least Barry is really a doctor. Wait, huh? And what is he up to? He could NOT really want to do away with private medical services and insurance, could he?

Luckily, Barry has an entire government OWNED media outlet to actually LIE about the folks that do not want to destroy our medical services. Can someone in the rightwing payola racket please send me my damn check for promoting this propaganda? Oddly, I cannot find a single check that I have NEVER received.

What is up on the Sarah Palin divorce front? Oh, yeah, I did see that was an actual LEFTARD lying story like the "see Russia from my house" thingy. But, maybe a certain kindergarten teacher needs to be nailed to a cross, beaten with a knotted plow rope, and set on fire. (No, I am not kidding.)

Hey, Barry! Where are all of those jobs?!?! Uh, WTF? Internment camp GUARDS? Are you shitting me?

What else is on the front burner? Cash for Clunkers. How exactly is that working out so far? You know, it is a good idea to try to bribe people to buy the government produced cars to maybe recoup some of that tax money that y'all blew, but why turn right around and start work on a bill to tax driven miles? I mean, THEY ARE WRONG ON EVERYTHING.

Check it.

But, at least we have the hottest, smartest First Lady EVAH in history, right? What the Hell do you mean that she was disciplined and lost her law license? Oh, that is right, we brought that up last year and the Barrystream Media ignored it. At least she IS HOT and arm-y, though.

With the World's Best Loved President in office, none of the crazy junk is going to happen anymore. Russia would never drive damn subs right up our coastlines, you know.


I am just going to get me a comic book theme for my iGoogle page and y'all can go straight to Hell.

And start burning more music.

Please take the time to comment.


ChristinaJade said...

Y'know, I've seen several (like 7) Presidential motorcades, and I have NEVER seen guns drawn on people in the streets. I think I woulda had to make a big deal out of it and hit the dirt screaming. Not that I'm ever dramatic or anything. Really.

Skunkfeathers said...

Whiskey Bill goes to NK "privately" to liberate two women -- wonder what's going on on THAT return flight, eh? -- and makes statements about what he and the marionette Kim Jong (very) IL talked about, only to have the statements denied by a White House born to lie "transparently".

In Baghdad Bob Gibbs, they got their dishonest mouthpiece trained like a carnival monkey.

The more I hear about Barry Hellth care -- more factoids about what's in the 1200 pages of HR 3200 that's not important for us to know about, but important for Barry to jam down our throats -- the more it proves just what kind of a marxist this lying, probably NOT American-born Che Guevara/Sol Alinsky twit, is.

But I have to laugh at the irony of your word verifier: famen

Coming for all of us, once we've been marxized.

MUD said...

Maybe I am wrong but that Volvo doesn'ty qualify for the Clunker rebate. Your car must be 1984 or newer and get less than 18 MPG. Last time I looked most Volvo's got better than 18. I'll bet there was another 50,000 miles left in that car. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, I could see you doing that, Hell, I would do that and scream about them violating my civil rights, just like the first black woman to lose her seat on the bus that tried to do something about it. NO! Not Rosa Parks, that was bullshit, I mean Claudette Colvin.

Skunky, that Bubba Nork story has got Hillary! 2012 written all over it, Barry is toast.

Mud, the dealers have no clue how they are supposed to administer the program, because there are very little guidelines. Thankfully, the new Camaro is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this idiot government handout to get cars off the road that poor people can afford. We wouldn't want them to be able to get a frigging job or anything, you know?

Joubert said...

Thanks for the link, Paul.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, I almost linked the one with the ass photo by mistake.

Joubert said...

Paul, I'm glad you didn't post my bum all over the Net. My friends are still giving me grief over that photo. I'll never live it down.

Paul Mitchell said...

It is all good, Patrick, my friends would have been more brutal on me.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

Actually the onus is upon the doubters to disprove the birth certificate that was released prior to the election - not to mention disprove the birth announcements made in Hawaii newspapers at the time.

I remember when the whole furore blew up over whether Trig Palin's mother was Sarah or Bristol. At the time some liberal commentators said "release the birth certificate" but she never did, and I agree that she didn't need to because the onus was upon the doubters to disprove rather than upon Palin to prove. In the end I determined that the whole thing was stupid anyway and that there'd be no logical reason for Sarah Palin to pretend to be Trig's mother.

The evidence is there - govt. of Hawaii produced the birth cert and the Hawaiian newspapers at the time had a birth announcement. People who need more than that aren't motivated by facts.

Paul Mitchell said...

Good argument, OSO, Barry doesn't need to release his long form because SARAH PALIN!!!!!

Lefties and their great debating skills, gotta love 'em.

By the way, when you refer to those that want to see proof of Barry's birth, they are called "Nirthers."