Saturday, August 01, 2009

Politics, Schmolitics

(*Here's another cuh-razzeeee post that no one will read. By the way, while NOT reading this, keep in mind that Siamese twins born with two fully functioning brains are the exception that PROVE the rule.)

Dude, I am so flat out sick of watching this boondoggle going on in DC. Never in my entire adult life have I been more repulsed by the "people" that are allegedly running our country. It would be laughable if not for the FACT that the United States carries the whole of the planet on our back. If we fail, everyone on the planet dies.

With this in mind, I leapt awake this morning thinking about solutions, and they seem very simple to me, too. We must address a vast philosophical divide going on right now with the gap between those two sides growing ever wider.

The fact that we cannot even clear up even the most simple terminology points to the near impossible task of righting the wrongs. Until a problem is properly defined, it cannot even be addressed. We have conservatives, liberals, right, left, socialism, communism, statism, federalism, the list is endless, but ultimately the whole ideological battle returns to two distinctly different points.

People screech that "No man is an island," but, in truth, this is patently false. That idea is one of the sides, the other is that there is a way to please all people equally. Since all problems may be reduced to their simplest forms, let's attack the latter ideology and prove how wrongy-wrong it is and then look at the one that is the only one that is achievable. You see, since all problems may be reduced to their simplest forms, ultimately that is where the solution lies.

Because the actual population of the planet is unimportant, we shall not even address that. (6.775 billion) Also, we must assume for the sake of argument that every single human being hates each other equally, because we KNOW that they do not love each other equally, because there are Muslims. <--that was a joke. (or was it?)

And since we can boil this down to the simplest terms, we can take into account that would be TWO PEOPLE. Let us just take for example two award winning douchetards, Keith Olberdouche and Bill O'Reilly. There are some people that actually believe that O'Reilly is "conservative," but nothing could be further from the truth. Keith is just fucking stupid, too. He got FIRED from ESPN because he was not smart enough to work there.

Oddly, Keith and Bill share the same philosophy! They believe that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND!!! So, they BOTH ultimately believe in giving no one on Earth a choice in anything because that is where their ideology ends.

Then there some people, THAT SHARE THE SAME IDEOLOGY!, that believe Ronald Reagan was the "Savior" of an ideology that is the same one shared equally by all dumbasses. Folks, Reagan was a great man, but even HE did not take the ideology to the final destination!

You see in the end game of life, you, and only you, are responsible for your actions. There are no other players involved. Let's just call that "Salvation." Yes, you can argue that there are people that are unable to care for themselves, such as invalids or babies, but you can also say that given the concept of survival of the fittest, these people literally would not exist.

Neither can you take the position that there are varying shades of gray in any decision. There is ALWAYS a definitive right and a definitive wrong. We might not actually know which is which, but the answer to any problem certainly exists.

Let's just boil this down quickly because the worms are getting all UP OUT of the can.

A man can exist for his entire life completely removed from all other men. That is, given his desire and love of hard work, he can survive without any help from any other man. He can provide his own food, his own shelter, and his own flying car. This is simply much too difficult for most men, so they form allegiances with other men to provide the stuff that they are just too busy to make by themselves. BUT! This does not mean that the individual man is NOT AN ISLAND! It simply means that he CHOOSES to hire that work did.

And just because he chooses to take a wife and spawn FUCK TROPHIES does NOT mean that he is NOT an island, it simply means that he chooses to take a companion to allow for more time for contemplation and beer drinking.

Now, in the final analysis of things, is there really any reason that I need anyone in DC to make laws to provide for me and my fuck trophies? No, but I choose to ALLOW those folks to provide ONE service and that is to PROTECT me from other people that do not want to CHOOSE to deal with another man on his terms.


We have allowed this ideology of lesser men to come up with government programs that provide stupid people with ridiculous bullshit that serve no purpose other than to spawn yet another generation of MORONS.

This video goes all out to show that the federal government is basically one big phishing scheme while still ignoring the real point. HELLO!!!! The government is BUYING cars from people that the government is going to JUNK!!!!! (<--That sentence was stupid, but you know what I mean) That money is the very same money that YOU pay in ALL FRIGGIN' YEAR LONG!!!! There are people that are actually taking the money to buy cars, and who do you think actually is taking this money? Poor people that drive shitty cars because they cannot afford GOOD NEW CARS. And who do you think shall pay for these new cars when the poor people, that could not afford new cars, default on those loans? Seriously, is there a limit to the stupidity that comes from DC? (Hat-Tip: Christina Jade)

Answer? If you cannot afford a car, you should not have one.

Who do you think that much be eradicated at all costs to provide the playing field for everyone to be equally miserable? Anyone that breaks from the status quo. The fact that Sarah Palin has been trashed equally by those that refer to themselves as "conservative" and those that refer to themselves as "liberal" should tell you volumes about the similarities of those two supposedly different sides of the aisle. How can two allegedly diametrically opposed sides HATE the same person equally? Funny, huh?

Damian has more on Palin. This post gives me HOPE that there are more folks than I thought that are not stupid.

Oh, by the way, remember that whole "I am only going to crush the rich people!!!" It seems that mathematics kinda fails to support Barry's campaigning lies. But, we already knew that.


Thank goodness he is returning to the original bent of his vids.

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Christian Prophet said...

The problem is an entirely new way of looking at things is necessary. See:

Andy said...

Paul, obviously no one read this post. I think I know where you are coming from.

For the most part, our fate is in our own hands. There are exceptions, but the great bulk of humanity has everything within themselves to either succeed, or to fail.

I have often fallen into the trap of thinking, "Hey, if I can just get better gubmit folks elected, my life will be better." But it ain't so! One can only enjoy the fruit of their own effort.

Oh yeah, I can enjoy looking at a television program, or a football game on a TV that some Korean built...carried to that TV by a cable wire that some Indonesian long as I buy the TV & pay the Cable bill.

But at the end of the day, my overall enjoyment of "life" hinges on whether or not I know that I have thrown my whole load at my goals. Be they meager, or grand, I must empty the clip.

Even if I lived in Cuba, or North Korea, or some other Godforsaken wasteland on the planet, I would hope that I would understand that doing "right" is reward enough, regardless of the outcome.

Unfortunately, more do not have that understanding than do.

Heck, I don't know if I'm making any sense at all. But I know what you mean.

And dangit...the Injun is coming back out in your blog! My Word Verification is "squaweatya"!

Paul Mitchell said...

Now, Andy, I do not claim to know how to get people elected that will abolish the forced servitude of the masses, but tarring and feathering does come immediately to mind.

You simply must take screenshots of the ones like "Squaw eat ya."

Skunkfeathers said...

I tend to agree with both of you (no one read the post) and that each of us holds our own personal destinies on our own respective hands. Those who wait for succor from government handouts are forever tied down and held down to subservience, which is exactly what Leftards believe is the way it should be, and want it to be.

The word verfi here somehow ties into all this, but I'm not quite sharp enough to figger it out: raryofni.

ChristinaJade said...

As one more person who didn't read the post, I have to agree with you guys. There are folks who cannot function without gummint involvement in their personal lives, by PROVIDING what others choose to WORK for. It has become an expanding, generational way of life that I can only compare to slavery.

There are actually liberal blogs that are BEGGING people to do NOTHING and let the government do everything for them all in the name of helping the environment. I think that is an excuse. The more folks LIVE off the government, the bigger it gets, and the LESS POWAH the people have.

Oh, and obligatory *curtsy* to hat-tip.

Joubert said...

The collectivists have been around since the beginning of the human race. They get involved in organizing others (government) *because* they're collectivists. Individualists will never be happy with their antics but we have to live with them - and keep smacking them down when they get too uppity.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, man, I am working on my third shoulder surgery for all the down smacking, will it ever end? They are becoming tiresome.

Joubert said...

I hope you're joking about the shoulder surgery.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, I am kidding, but I do need to get my knees cut on again, but I think that I would rather DIE than go through that physical therapy ever again.

paul mitchell said...

Yeah, I am kidding, but I do need to get my knees cut on again, but I think that I would rather DIE than go through that physical therapy ever again.