Friday, August 21, 2009

President Wee-Wee, Racism, and Firearms

Occasionally folks will write in and request for me to expound on certain topics and usually I oblige because that is just the kind of Sonoffab*tch I am. Today is no different.

I was asked to give my opinion on this Patterico post that I linked yestiddy. I shall acquiesce because charges of racism always interest me. Especially when they are levied by some pompous moron sitting up in a tee-vee studio in Nork City.

Let's attack my RACISM credentials quickly. To your left, you shall see The Google search results for "black spending habits." (You may click the image to see it full size if you are middle-age, 39, to see it larger.) If you are unaware of what life is all about, it is ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS. So, with fully TWO hits (including #1) on the front page of The Google pointing to this blog and no other source having two hits on the front page, I think that we can safely assume that this blog is the preeminent source for what is important to black folks, even though I am not now, nor have I ever been black. (I did once have a maid that knew a black person, though.)

As far as the dumbest human beings to actually be able to survive childhood, y'all probably know that I think that journalists, college professors, and government officials are the bottom three in IQ, as well. When you have a journalism major teach at a university and then go into politics, you wind up with the MORON TRIFECTA. Anyone come to mind for you? In case you need help, President Wee-Wee jumps to the head of the line.

To those of you that voted for Barry Obama for President because he appears black, I give you kudos because that is the ONLY legitimate reason that I can find. (Mainly because the dude seems to be so stupid as to barely be able to keep his head in a moving vehicle or to keep from doing those motorboat noises at press conferences.) But, seriously, the mathematics of WHAT COLOR HE IS clearly point to him being overwhelmingly white, so y'all got HAD, yo. Oh, and his wife is ugly as a mud fence, too. Guys that like ugly chicks are kinda stupid to me, just saying.

Dang, five whole paragraphs of lede!!! Let's try for SIX!!!!

Guns at protests, hmmm? If you have a carry permit, there must have been a reason that you got it. Maybe you just like being strapped and you want to get gun oil on your best Dickies coveralls. The Second Amendment guarantees you the right to do exactly that. I am of the mind that if you want to carry a gun and you are not a Democrat or a criminal (sorry for the redundancy) it is your right.

Now, as far as the reporting from ANY network, TRUST BUT VERIFY. With MSNBC it is very easy to discredit ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on their network. It is simply a silly, silly place to get news. When a major (tongue-firmly-in-cheek) network comes out and blatantly establishes a philosophy of being pro-government control, you have to question their ability to perform the tasks necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of their guaranteed First Amendment rights.

The press has ceased to be free because of their CHOICE. When you turn on any network to watch any news, you are inundated with true government propaganda. YES! Even FOX News. We have reached a very sad state of affairs when the network that employs Dumbaldo Rivera is called "conservative." SHARK? JUMPED.

MSNBC did one thing with the reporting of the person carrying a rifle at a rally and making statements alluding to the "fact" that the guy was a white racist. They deliberately set out to mislead the public, the very same public they are RESPONSIBLE for protecting FROM the government. That is their friggin' job, protected in a RIGHT granted by our Creator.

Now, as far as punishment for NOT following through with your responsibilities tied to your rights I think that getting beaten with a knotted plow line is not too severe. MSNBC actively sought to mislead the very people they are commissioned with protecting, every single employee should have to endure a bull-whipping delivered by me in the public square. Not only should everyone at the network be subjected to this, but everyone who ever taught these morons in college should be, as well. While we are getting with the bull-whipping, it would probably be a good idea to put the flog to the chosen candidates of these "journalists," too.

I think that might have a tendency to clean some things up once and for all.

By the way, one of the best discussions that I have ever seen regarding race was between Mike Wallace and Morgan Freeman. Mr. Freeman has the highest qualification of all to discuss the race issue, HE IS FROM MISSISSIPPI. Mississippi has always had race problems because Mississippi has always been run by the Party of Racism, the Democrats. Mr. Freeman's secondary qualification is he is kinda dark. Watch how terrified Mike Wallace is because Morgan Freeman is BLACK.

By the way, if you have come to the realization that voting for the Obamoron was a terrible, terrible idea and you want to apologize to all of us that are not f*cking morons, go sign up HERE. Acknowledging your mistakes is the first sign of gaining intellectual prowess.

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ChristinaJade said...

Yes, the 39 year old middle-aged person had to blow it up to see it. Shut Up.

As far as guns at the protests, if a person has a license to carry...they can carry. Some places have exceptions to that rule, one example being city school property and public parks here in P-Town, as stated in city ordinances. In other words, anyone at our TeaParty back in April that was packing was in violation of a local law since it was held at a city park.

When people start quoting MSNBC, I just immediately start hearing, "blahblahblah" as I know the mindless biased dribble that comes from that so-called news organization is only about 40% accurate. If that.

And I'm with CL, witnessing a good flogging of the talking heads at MSNBC, especially Olberbutt, with a bullwhip would be the highlight of my day. Give us ample notice to get there before you start, K?

classicaliberal said...

I don't understand this effort to limit 2nd amendment rights. This goes without saying, however, since I'm alcohol enhanced, I'll say it: A criminal isn't going to obey the law period. Especially a carry law. So what's the point of limiting 2nd amendment rights at a park, or a school?
There was a time in this country where trying to tell a citizen where he could and could not carry a gun was considered treasonous! Can't we go back to then?!

ChristinaJade said...

CL - you're absolutely right. For the most part, person who is going to whoop out a gun and randomly kill people isn't going to go to all the trouble to get a concealed carry first. They will just do it. And the folks who already have concealed carry licenses have already proven their willingness to obey the law by doing so.

Back in the dark ages when I was in high school, no one thought twice about the deer rifles hung in the trucks in the school parking lot. I remember many times a teacher stopping to admire someone's new gun and offer a compliment and everything was cool. We knew gun safety cause we were raised that way. And had a certain amount of common sense to go along with it. What happened?

Paul Mitchell said...

What most people do NOT know is that at the Pearl High School shooting, the only thing that stopped it was one of the coaches ran off campus to his truck to get his rifle to end the killing by Luke Woodham. Yes, I am a Pearl High School graduate.

Also, Big Head Todd and the Monsters was formed at Columbine High.

classicaliberal said...

Crazy small world, no? I am a staunch believer that the only solution to mass-murder in a single setting is a loaded .45, .38 or 9mm. There is not doubt in my mind that the next great 'national tragedy' which consists of a student shooting other students from their school will be in CA. We are, in fact, the malaise state. It's only a matter of time. When, where and who.

That being said, I'm going to grab my Taurus and park my car in the local HS parking lot. Let me know what happens in the rest of the world, okay?

classicaliberal said...

BTW, You tell him, Morgan Freeman. You liberal, Obama supporting sunuvab*ch!

Paul Mitchell said...

San Diego actually had a school shooting that was the reason for the Boomtown Rats song I Don't Like Mondays, CL. Check it.

ChristinaJade said...

We had that school shooting here about 10 or 11 years ago. It was close enough to the previous banning of guns on school property for locals to question the new law.

classicaliberal said...

I'm telling you, batshit crazy trends start in CA and end there, too. You watch.

Skunkfeathers said...

I vote we just up and give Califorlornia -- including Bela Pelosi -- to Mexico, and call it even.

Unknown said...

Thank you for indulging my request. I must confess that it has only been about a year since i have began to take charge and attempt to search for the truth, rather than accept what is handed to me via the media. I confess this because I have been told "Acknowledging your mistakes is the first sign of gaining intellectual prowess." I applaud your effort to help me, help myself. I feel that there is far too much corruption in the "facts" reported by ALL media outlets and I find that it is almost impossible for one person to decifer the truths. Kudos to you. Revel in my complimentary tone, as I am aware that your ego has the hunger of a third world child. Eat it up, cuz badabada "I'm lovinnn it."

Paul Mitchell said...

Nickie, I would eat that third world child to feed my ego hunger.

And welcome to the Overly Hate-y Nazi Party of America. We need you younger members.