Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zebra Jesus Ascends to Camelot Helm

I refrained from posting on Dead Ted yesterday (other than to point to it briefly) because I wanted to make sure that my lead link was from none other than the Dead Kennedy loving David Drake. You see, anti-idiotarians do NOT idolize the Kennedys because the Kennedys have always been scum. Yes, even Saint John.

Most people point to John Kennedy being the one to broach the topic of Civil Rights for black people even though the ONLY reason he voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1957 was because the 'Jury Trial Amendment' was added that killed 100% of the bill's teeth. You see, John Kennedy was probably the FIRST (excluding the idiot FDR) of the shitty Democrats to hit the national stage. Thankfully he did not accomplish a single part of anything that he wanted to accomplish as President. Add to that the FACT that the only reason he even became President was because of some kind of hinky shit going on with voting in Illinois. SHOCKER, huh? The King of America's royal family ONLY won the Presidency because his Daddy BOUGHT it for him. Sound familiar?

While you are watching the entire fluff-fest that our corrupt media shall no doubt inundate us with for the next two weeks, try to think about exactly who the FUCK Teddy Kennedy was. He was a TRAITOR that empathized with the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. He very literally was willing to sell our country to the Soviets. In other words, TREASON. Wrap your head around that. Can you? Why is it that every single HERO of the Left hates the United States of America. Any explanation for that?

Funny that for some reason, Teddy was kinda contradictory in all that he did, that is what happens to people that have no morals at all. Erick Erickson actually interviewed Teddy and comments on those contradictions.

Right Girl's Dead Kennedy post. I (heart) Right Girl, you know.


Tawhmy gives his take on The Dead Kennedy. Only in Dumbassachusetts.

In fact, Chris Matthews, who worked for Jimmy Carter, actually said yesterday that Barry Obama was the last of the House of Camelot. Matthews said this because he is an idiot.

My thoughts? Naming the "healthcare" bill after The Dead Kennedy is the best idea that I have ever heard uttered by Nancy Pelosi. The bill sums up everything that Teddy was, a fat, bloated, idiotic, government-ese spewing imbecilic bureaucrat thingy that is destined to kill people. The only thing missing is drunkenness. Get over it, Libtards, your hero was a huge POS that would have been killed in a car wreck in 1969 if G_d actually intervened in daily world affairs.

Consider the Dead Kennedy thing BROUGHTED.

While touching on the exact wrongness of all things liberal, I stumbled across a post showing how difficult it is for an actual scientist to buck the established government PAID science industrial complex. Wonder why Anthropomorphic Global Warming is accepted by the majority of scientists? Because the government is what gives them their CHEESE. Should we start calling "scientists" that accept AGW as fact, "Dead Kennedys" because of their utter corruption and dishonesty? Smart folks say "YES!"

And then we check in on Cash for Clunkers yet again. Not only does the program remove good used cars from the economy, but it also puts TAXABLE income on the people that are providing the cars. I am still trying to find a single good thing to come from leftist ideology and trust me, I have plenty of friends that are lefties and I like hanging out with them, UNTIL the conversation turns to politics and I realize that they are idiots. Usually, I laugh alot when I am around lefties because I simply cannot believe that they actually believe what they do and I find it humorous to the point of belly laughter.

If you want to see what actually happens in the mind of a leftist, check out these cartoon frames. You can click them to see them full screen, too. I suggest printing them out and giving them to your kids so we can kinda slow the increase in stupidity that is financed in this country. It is amazing how much FAILURE proof that we have with regard to leftist ideology, yet our government agencies and their dependents refuse to see the truth.

Now, in today's political climate, we have brought back the ideology that was such an utter failure that President Jimmy Carter was attacked by none other than Dead Kennedy. A 100% failure rate is amazing, unless that is your goal.

If you actually believe that contradiction can exist in the real world, then the Obamoron Administration should be a veritable Skeetfest for you. Dumb and Dumber looks like physics equations by comparison to the idiocy coming from our federal government right now.

The economic news of the day? Well, of course it is totally contrarian as well. Gold standard, oh screw THAT! Money should never have a value above that of the paper, you know.

What is up with the housing market? It is certainly getting better according to the Barrystream Media. But, according to facts, it is getting much, much worse. Weird how those two cannot exist at the same time, huh? I am pretty sure there is a word for ideologies that are the exact opposite of each other, but for some reason I cannot come up with that word. Does it rhyme with "contradictory?"

In case you were unsure, I have stated one brazillion times that Bill O'Reilly is not a conservative. Stacy McCain is the first person that I have ever heard, read, or seen that agrees with me.

By the way, someone is kinda covering up for the Obamoron as usual. Lefties simply must prop up idiots at all turns. Always.

Remember, if you want to reduce the crime rate, take the registered Democrat voter rolls and go round up everyone on the list. Problem solved. WAIT!!! Charlie Rangel is a criminal, too? Who knew? (Oh, dammit, I missed the 'D' behind Charlie's name. I though he was an 'R.')

Wonder if your Democrat elected officials are sharing your personal info with the Idiot White House? Sheer coincidence right?

The new methods for torture of Muslims. Harvey did a great job, go help him come up with more.

As an aside, the Twittah security flaw is still oozing pus and you can get sick if you play with Twittah without protection. I guess that goes for the whole internet, though.

And if you want to check out a blog written by a buddy of mine that is in possession of the greatest hair in history, check out Texodus. Yeah, he's a leftie. Everyone go to his blog and comment. Let him know that I am continuing to carry him through life.

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Andy said...

I'm just glad they'll get BigHead Ted buried before football season. If ANYTHING got preempted by his official send-off to hell, I would have to murder someone.

christmasghost said...

Well said.
Now we go from Camelot to Camel Lot...good grief, are we there yet?

Paul Mitchell said...

Christmasghost, we have even moved past Camel Lot and have descended into camel TOE.

David Drake said...

Well, I certainly thank you for having my post being the lead in your post. That is so damn fine praise and I am flattered.

It is the Kennedy males that have screwed things over so badly, as well as their misogyny. The Kennedy women and women who have married into that inbred family, they have my sympathies. But the Kennedy males? A a pox on the body politic.

The anti spam code was: restsu

rests u

I kid you not.

CaptiousNut said...

Define *Zebra Jesus*.


Paul Mitchell said...

C-Nut, Zebra Jesus would be a reference to the mixed-race Messiah in the White House. Sorry for the confusion.

CaptiousNut said...

By necessity I really just skim everything.

But I was confused. I thought Ted was ZJ and I thought the idea of him *ascending* anywhere today was an inversion of spiritual reality.

BTW, the expression "Zebra Jesus" seems up for the taking on google. You might want to trademark it - if it is your own.

On another subject, can you give up sports and politics for a week?

I should have called YOU out in my post.

Paul Mitchell said...

C-Nut, you do know that college footbaw starts on Thursday, right?

I can give up sports for a week some time in January.

Politics, yeah, I could throw it down never to pick it back up, evah.

paul mitchell said...

C-Nut, you do know that college footbaw starts on Thursday, right?

I can give up sports for a week some time in January.

Politics, yeah, I could throw it down never to pick it back up, evah.