Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am covered up folks. Gotta be ready to go at 8:00 PM on Thursday.

That said, the first game of the season shall be the USC 'Cocks at 8:00PM Thursday against the NC State Hairdressers. This game is televised on The Four Letter.

The College Gameday tee-vee retard bus will be in Atlanta for the Alabama v. VaTech game. To prove beyond any doubt how ridiculously stupid those morons are, they actually say that VaTech has the toughest schedule this year.

In case you want to know the truth, SoS #1 is the UGA Bulldogs, SoS #2 is the We Suck Bulldogs.

Here's the rest of the College Gameday lineup for this week and where you can see those games.

Now, get your shit done so you will be ready, too.


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Andy said...

I am glad I finally found the College GameDay source I have been looking for!

Thank you for College Gameday updates. college gameday is one of my favorite shows to watch on a COLLEGE GAMEDAY.

I can't barely wait for the MS State, Jackson State game on College Gameday Saturday. I don't know if it will be on TV, but I can get live updates somewhere I'm sure. I think there is another college gameday game on TV, with some other minor teams playing that nobody cares about, but hopefully they will scroll the score...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, THE Urban University v. We Suck shall be televised on The Four Letter "U."

ChristinaJade said...

Are we COLLEGE GAMEDAY working on COLLEGE GAMEDAY keeping the number COLLEGE GAMEDAY one ranking, or are COLLEGE GAMEDAY we satisfied with COLLEGE GAMEDAY the results?

Skunkfeathers said...

I was at the gym watching some ESPN college football talk, and it pumped me up!!! Granted, I vaporlocked once I got home, but I am soooooooooooo ready for FOOTBALL!!

Staci said...

I really DO NOT APPRECIATE that sports network putting the picture of those cheatin' Oregon Ducks on that page. CHEATERS!!!!

Because OU got DUCKED in Oregon, if you remember.

Andy said...

Oh okay...fortunately, I do not get the Four Letter U.