Saturday, September 19, 2009

College Gameday - Week III


We arrive at week THREE of the greatest "NON-PAID" sport in the history of the world. The games that I am interested in today are (of course) all of the SEC games, Temple v. Penn State (GO OWLS!!!), Flarda State v. BYU (GO CRIMINOLES!!!), and Tee-Tee v. Tejas (GO WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!)

Will Bammeroids beat their 37 point spread v. North Tejas? No one KNOWS.

AND.....if you are in Lexington, KY, plan for slow travel today, yo!


New drAnking game, for every stupid thing that Streit Herbkirk says today about tOSU on College Gameday, take a tequila shot. At eleven PM, then, and ONLY then, call an ambulance.

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classicaliberal said...

Go Banana Slugs!! WOOT!

Wait, what do you mean they don't have a footbaw team?! Goddam it!

Paul Mitchell said...

Banana Slugs. Dang.

Andy said...

It makes you wonder who was on the committee that proposed that name for UC Santa Cruz...and the student population that approved it.

Texas Shooter said...

LOLOLOL Andy....