Monday, September 21, 2009

Dammit, I Missed an Entire Folder of Awesome!!!

Since I am the FAIL standard at blogging, I made an additional folder where I could put awesome stuff, forget about it, and then roll it out like a moron when it was irrelevant. Since these are ALL time sensitive awesome posts and links, linking them late keeps our mediocre standards around these parts.

You should always read Andy's SUNDAY Morning Quarterback posts because the term "Monday Morning Quarterback" is just frigging stupid. That is like two days after the real quarterbacking, well unless you are a University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle fan. Goodness, they play on every day, including Tuesday, but never on Saturday. Plus, Andy's picks are MONEY.

Since I screwed up and was late on the link to Andy's on Sunday, SUNDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK gets linked twice.

If you want a very good laugh at the newspaper industry in Jack-troit, read JFP's quoting of Brookings saying that Jack-troit is AWESOME. By the way, second in property crimes in the nation, fourth in murders EQUALS AWESOME. This post defines, "The blind leading the stupid." A vortex of lunacy should have been created by this, sucking, into the abyss, the entire staffs of Brookings and of JFP, if JUSTICE existed. These folks are so dense that refrigerator magnets fly toward them when they walk through the dining room.

If you purchased an iPhone, if you want to actually use it and live in Charlotte, NC, you are in luck, your brickphone now has a purpose. Too bad that the equipment you need to actually make calls (that do not drop) on the iPhone is larger than a coffee table with a lamp on it. Judging from the image, anyway. Good Lord, has MacAppleCrashingtosh ever made a product worth a shit? That iMac was good to fill with concrete and use as a boat anchor, but that doesn't count.

Dude, tape your head up before clicking this link, it is OFF the fucking chain. I am NOT kidding, really. LAST CHANCE. You are going to lose your shit. Fah reals. Leftist tattoo.

Steve B takes some of the pressure off of the Evolution v. Intelligent Design debate. i thought dinosaurs and man did not co-exist? RUH ROH!!! Those evil MEN!!!

HOT CHICKS ON THE TWITTAH!!!! They only show one photo a day, though. Their standards are much lower than mine, too. Maybe I need to give them some pointers in hot chicks.

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ChristinaJade said...

Quit picking on my iMac. :)

Whoever got that tattoo should be hunted down, tarred, feathered, boiled in hot oil, doused in salt, hung upside down spread-eagle by their ankles, and mounted in general population at a maximum security corrections facility.

Andy said...

Dude! Double-linked...your check is en route.

Man, not too much makes me ill, but that tat did it. I really have no words, so I'll say, "What Christina said!"

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I know, that is why I posted it. When things piss off normal people, those things are not normal.

Skunkfeathers said...

One man's irrelevance is another meathead's "whoa, dude!". Whatever that means.

I'm sure there's something in this collection that your friend Erik will find to bolster his argument that he's not having with you over how many Tea Partyers were in DC.

Andy said...

"When things piss off normal people, those things are not normal."

Profound, and well said...

Andy said...

Oh by the way, I'm stealing the link, and will give due credit.

That should drive your traffic through the floor.

Staci said...

I'm really pissed over that tat, so I guess I am 'normal" although that might be argued by some.

Just as appalling as the tattoo are the comments made about it.... I just cannot wrap my head around how blatantly ignorant some people are. And we let 'em vote.

The Mayor said...

I'm not following any of those girls on Twitter, but I am stalking that Asian one that goes by the name of Tamara sky. Which, btw, is a terrific Asian name.