Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - Back to Work

Here it is Tuesday and I am still behind the Eight Ball. I thought I would have dug myself out by now. Not so much.

Anyhoo, the insanity around the world still continues to run rampant and I would be remiss if I did not point some stuff out here. Most of you have realized that I kinda try to chronicle day-to-day news for my own use and to help keep my memory fresh. As The Google site search function gets better, I shall be able to find all the stuff that I found interesting for years to come.

By the way, I have officially become my grandfather. This is not inherently good, nor is it bad, either. But, it IS noted.

How long do we have before the US dollar utterly collapses? Only God knows and he ain't telling. (This is a link to a linkdump about monetary policy. Check some of them, you shall see that the collapse is coming.)

Do you know what the next stupid idea is to pay for "healthcare?" Yes, tax the insurance companies. Um, class? Does anyone other than me see the sandpoundingly stupid asininity of this riDONKEYulous idea? Puh-leeze find out who is electing these idiots, and take away their right to vote. PLEASE.

And our illustrious Leader has put forth yet another MORON that is by definition unqualified for the position for which he was nominated. Remember when Barry was supposed to be SMART? Yeah, me neither.

By the way, those Death Panels that were never mentioned in HR3200? Yeah, just because the bill did not say "Death Panels" doesn't mean that they weren't IN THERE. Could it be that Sarah Palin is the smartest person in the world? That seems highly unlikely to me, but she has been right 100% of the time so far.

Democrat idiot, number um, well, he is just one of all of them. By the way, he is from Cali. That explains it, right? Well that and the whole Democrat thing.

More on the Van Jones racism and hate and criminality and murdering stuff. By the way, Jones was never vetted at all because his was not a position that required confirmation in the Senate. Barry continues to lie about even the most minuscule bullshit.

Only in the Leftie world, could the resignation of Van Jones mean that Jones is free to do important stuff now. Had anyone ever heard of him before getting nominated Population Reduction Czar? Jones is from Oakland, do we really need to say anything else about how smart he is, really?

Skunkfeathers linked this is the comments yesterday, sent the link to your stupid friends.

Can we all agree to cut off funding for the United Nations already? Well, maybe after you read this, you will agree.

By the way, here are the unofficial rankings for College Footbaw. We Suck is ranked Number Eleven. I am shocked, truly.

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ChristinaJade said...

Coming collapse of the dollar? Yep, you betcha. Another stepping stone towards that waterfall...


Andy said...

LSU is at #6??? We belong way above South Carolina...like at #10, with SC at 12.

Auburn , Vandy, SC, and TN really suck vanilla wafers.

We Suck should be at #7, and Ole' Miss is just about right at #3.

Alabama is once again overrated. They skated through too many near misses last year, yet Sabin kept all the voters fooled...until the rubber met the road.

The stinkin' Razorbacks do not even deserve their #10 ranking.

Jeez Louise, I wish the Southwest Conference had never broken up! The stupid NCAA had to plug all 7 of them (if I'm remembering right) into the mix with humans that can spell, and walk erect.

We got stinkin' Arkansas. The Big-whateveritwasatthetimenowsomething else got Texus. I don't know who got Baylor. And SMU? I'll have to do a google search.

theo said...

Tax the insurance companies?? The guy who came up with this one is really showing off his room temperature IQ! We should write him and suggest that he propose a tax on the IRS because they have lots of money, sadly I'll bet you that he and Barry O seriously considers it.

Paul Mitchell said...

Theodore, are you shocked? These are people that are rich because they cannot do anything productive. That seriously dumbfounds me.

Skunkfeathers said...

I also see that the penalty for those who don't have insurance is back in consideration...up to $3800 for a family of four making around $65-70k a year, and up to $950 for an individual.

Tell me again that nothing is being mandated, libtards???

BTW...one helluva game between Miami and FSU. That should have been a latter week in the season game, not the opener.