Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - Da Newz

Since I absolutely have to do a linkdump nearly every day, here it comes.

The main thing that I see daily is the utter failure of government to accomplish success in any realm at all. Come on, folks, when government cannot even run a GAMBLING monopoly, what in the Hell do you think that they could run? Wow, can you even imagine how badly they would do if we gave them the keys to something important? Say, MEDICAL SERVICES?

Oddly, enough, most people think that minimum wage is good idea despite the fact that I have told them, since I was TWO YEARS OLD, that it was stupid. Maybe they will listen to a bald guy, even if they won't listen to a mulleted guy. Every single outcome derived from minimum wage is BAD. But, let's keep doing it!!!

Braden tells you that government is BAD, too. Obama makes moves to steal your Facebook and Twittah stuff.

But, Obama is the post-partisan, post-racial President!!!

here's a SCHOCKER, Barry knew about the Lockerbie Muslim terrorist murderer getting released well ahead of the actual release. This is why you NEVAH vote Democrat folks, they want you dead.

What do you expect from criminals/Democrats? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

RACISM from the AP!!! Wait! Is white still a race?

Obama does not care about White People.

Let's check in on the ONE WEEK ANNIVERSARY

Nappy time!

Economic Newz!

Obamanomics is wicked awesome!

But, let's KILL SOME OLD PEOPLE!!! Cutting spending is ALWAYS good, Mamaw had a full, long life, yo.

Odd how those government motors cars did not make any money, but the one US car company that is not a beggar did not either. Cash for Clunkers, yet another in the continuing line of government FAIL.

Luckily we have an unbiased Barrystream Media to tell us the truth.

Why is it that even "conservative" journalists have a man crush on Barry? There has never been any point in my life where I drooled over the fucking crease in another man's fucking PANTS. Mrs. Brooks? That is just GHEY.

SEC picks from Dawg Sports. Tomorrow is tomorrow, you know?

The People of Wal-Mart is STILL down, but keep hitting -F5-. Maybe it shall work soon.

By the way, those of you that keep trashing Sarah Palin, try to do something that MATTERS for a change. Yes, I mean YOU. Back up off the hot chicks, Nancy.

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Andy said...

Man, I laughed until I puked over the one week anniversary deal.

I was thinking, "It's 14 minutes past the hour, and TED KENNEDY IS STILL DEAD!"

I know you're probably not old enough to connect that reference Paul, but old, blind, deaf guys like me will just laugh themselves silly, or maybe into the grave with a coronary.

Crap, my word verification is "tingling" crap...