Saturday, September 05, 2009


Just give me the damn code, you assholes.

Scoreboard moved to next Saturday!!!

This HAD to be posted through The Four Letter's site. Last years code was no good and they would not just give me the damn html. That is because they SUCK. My post title and the lead paragraph were added through the FL's widget posting thingy. There is a pulldown at the top of the widget to just see the Championship Conference's scores. You can also click on the game that you want to see and go to that page on The Four Letter. I usually have four Gamecasts running at all times.

By the way, the retarded idiots from COLLEGE GAMEDAY are in Atlanta for the Alabama v. VaTech game. If you really want to hear stupid shit, turn on their program.

In case you are wondering, the funniest thing that I heard today was a We Suck fan talking about how mad they were that State was NOT RANKED. I corrected them by saying State was ranked NUMBER TWELVE. They looked at me like I was crazy. But, remember, We Suck did have the number 115th ranked offense last year. They only have four slots that they can fall, so chances are that they will be better.

Oh, and the first look at the SEC is HERE. We got talent.

Please take the time to TRASH TALK the PAC-10.


Anonymous said...

I think trash talking the Pac-10 just got easier thanks to the Oregon Fucks!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

That is just one more reason, Anony. The main reason for me is the fact that they play a terrible brand of football and uSCCC is the only team that ever has a chance to win the conference.

Skunkfeathers said...

I'm having more fun watching you kick ESPN through the goal posts ;)