Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Case You Forgot

The guy that occupies the White House is a "basketball guy." He attended Occidental College, Columbia, and Harvard, none of which play in the SEC.

In other words, he is a loser. And tonight the loser shall address a joint session of the Idiot Body Politic. He shall utter the words, "We need a public option on healthcare." and "The opposition to ObamaFAILcare has not come up with an alternative." Well, he'll say that if the TelePrompTer doesn't fail. If the Prompter fails, he'll say, "Uh, um, hmmm, specificity, uh, uh, uh, mmmm, above my paygrade."

He is wrong on both counts, he knows it, and he continues to lie about it. If you are unaware, the President is a Democrat, which means he is a criminal and very stupid.

Here is the alternative plan (and video of Barry saying exactly what I said above)that would have backing with seventy percent of the country and also WORK. Why will he not try this plan? Because he is an idiot criminal and he hates people that are not him.

Here's another one of President Twatwaffle's friends headed to the pokey. Oddly, that is only 100% of the people that Barry has known in his entire life that are criminals. This is an astounding record.

It is just UNpossible that the Democrats have spent so much money that they already have to raise the debt ceiling again. But, they have. (Hat-Tip: Christina Jade)

Just so you know, when I am president, I am going to cut spending across the board (minus military) minimally ten percent per year. In my second term, it shall be twenty percent a year. When the Congress repeals the Twenty-Second Amendment to allow me a unlimited terms, fifty percent across the board. Fourth term, one hundred percent. By this time, everyone in the country shall be millionaires and we will be back to a one page Constitution. So there is that to look forward to.

Under the new President Paul, DC shall have no schools that are funded by government. And those people that live in DC shall not vote on anything. Sorry, if you live in DC, you are a criminal and I ain't putting up with that bullshit. (When I am President, I shall be running the country from my house. I shall only go to DC if there needs to be a very public veto of something stupid that comes from Congress. Like them voting to get paid for doing what they do.)

By the way, I am abolishing their retirement, salary, living expenses, medical insurance, and anything else that they spend money on. I am going to take it up with the Justice Department, pay off the Supremes to find in my favor, and then abolish all government agencies, too. Taxes shall never be needed again for anything. The military shall be funded by voluntary contributions. Five brigades (about 25,000 men) of our military shall be deployed to secure the border with Mexico with orders to shoot to kill anyone swimming across the river.


Remember back earlier this year when I said watch what happens with the additional minimum wage increase on July 24th? As always, I was right. Wonder what kind of fallout having a bunch of high school kids that cannot find summer and after school jobs is going to have on the work force in ten years? Well, other than the fact that they will have ten years of public schooling and never working?

I might have to swap Twittah/Facebook clients. TweetDeck done broughted their A-Game, today.

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Andy said...

Paul, I noticed in the first video that BozObama has something that looks like a chocolate milk mustache. I'm not casting aspersions or anything, but I think the job is "wearing" on the guy.

He was in Cincinnati, stinkin' Ohio while delivering this "Labor Day (cough cough)" speech. 'Nuf seems like everybody that REALLY sucks heads up to stinkin' Ohio to find redemption. I'm just saying...

On the DC voucher deal...My retarded Senator, Mary Landrieu, actually was the Chair-thing of the Senate "Committee on DC (or whatever it is called) that oversees the operations of the 3rd world territory known as Washington DC when the voucher program started.

Of course, she used her influence to force the DC public schools to buy educational materials that they did not want to use. The threat was to cut off all the schools went along. Shortly thereafter, she received about $80,000 in campaign contributions from a fund raiser.

The "LSU Daily Reveille" actually covered it!!!:

You might also care to look into our squeaky clean Senator-thingy-woman-thing at:

And, I know two young people personally that lost their jobs due to the raise in the minimum wage. Trust me, they did not SUCK as employees...they were just at the bottom of the seniority list.

And, President Two Dogs...if you can deliver on your promise of "change," you will have my vote in perpetuity...or until I croak pretty soon!

Skunkfeathers said...

You run for Prez, I vote fer ye.

ChristinaJade said...

Andy's right, Ohio seems to be a major player here lately...WTH is up with that? It should probably be noted that they are also holding some of the largest TEA PARTIES in the country as well. There's a connection there somewhere.

Paul, I did notice your choice of words. It was not a matter of "if" you were President, but "when." Could you hurry up a bit? Since it has been mathematically proven (right here in the comments section of a previous post) that I am of middle-age, I would like to see some things improve before I am ELDERLY.

And the obligatory curtsy to the hat-tip, Sir. (MANNERS)

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, with the three of y'all that makes ten votes, because y'all are going to have to vote twice. I am voting for me four times.

Andy, I did one of my posts on your Senator way back in September 2005. She is a chunk of work. Check this out:

So, wonder what is up with Ohio? Do you realize that Ohio is the only state that has correctly predicted the outcome of national elections since 1960? They had Nixon against Kennedy, but that is the last one they lost.

Shit, I know some useless information.

By the way, it might take a little while to clear my way to the throne, ahem, I mean White House, I have to get some "records" expunged.