Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Last Twenty-Four Hours - COLLEGE GAMEDAY!!

We are inside the final 24 hours until the first SEC kickoff. I need to throw out a few more words of trash talk.

Obviously the worst corch we have in the SEC this year is the new head corch at The Barn. We are all still dumbfounded by that move. We'll see what happens.

Lane Kiffin was another silly hire in the Championship Conference, but I figured out the reason that he was chosen. His wife can double as a friggin' cheerleader. Layla Kiffin is SMOKING. In other words, our corches' wives are hotter than the Big 10 (11) cheerleaders. Deal with it.

Oh, and it seems like the SEC kinda wins the BCS Championship every year.

College Gameday!

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(You might not hear from me until Friday. Yes, I am fine, I am just busy trying to make an unreported dollar. SYLVESTER CROOM!!!!)