Thursday, September 24, 2009

Political Toe-Dipping

There have been so many things that have cropped up in the past week that there is no way to accurately cover them, so I shall just rant. Seriously, we ARE all adults here, right? Can you imagine actually HIRING one of the imbeciles on The Hill right now? Oddly, the first disconcerting thing for me is that our media is covering NONE OF IT ACCURATELY.

The glaring elephant on the pool table last week (and actually the week before) was James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles busting ACORN for trying to help set up a child prostitution ring as a tax shelter. The only thing missing from ACORN's utter corruption was emissions of CO2 and destruction of the "rain forests." They remind me of HITLER!!!

Anyhoo, the Smartest President in History™ says he is not up to speed on ACORN. Please do remember, that SPiH actually worked for ACORN, trained people at ACORN, represented ACORN legally, and hired ACORN to do his presidential get-out-the-vote stuff last Fall. In other words, there is quite possibly no one on Earth that knows MORE about ACORN than Barry. Methinks that he might be lying. LIKE HITLER!!!

In a strange twist of events, ACORN has decided to close down a smattering of their local offices. I am almost certain that this has nothing to do with the fact that Barry no longer needs the help of this criminal enterprise to get elected. You see, HE GOT ELECTED. Now, get under the bus, ACORN, your usefulness is utterly expended now. This sounds like HITLER gassing HITLER!!! Or HITLER suiciding HITLER!!!

And what does HITLER Number 1 do when they are caught perpetrating crimes against humanity? Why of course they bring suit against the very folks that exposed their corruption! It is simply UNpossible that there would be anyone so stupid as to try to destroy the very people that brought the crimes of ACORN to light. Seriously, how stupid would you have to be to place blame or arrest crime-fighters? OH!!! Now it makes sense.

And NOW! a musical interlude!!!

Ah, I am so relaxed after that. I love to hear very small school children simply burst out in spontaneous song. Don't you just want to pick them all up, nuzzle their little, pot-bellies, and give them all ice cream and pah?

Quickly now, because I am out of cigarettes and have to roll up to the Tote-Sum store before I chew entirely through my bottom lip.

Fascism is only fascism when Obama is not involved.

How do you make medical services more efficient? Involve the Internal Revenue Service. FUCK. ME. TO. DEATH. WITH. A. FLAMING. SLEDGEHAMMER.

Getting the IRS involved with medical services is akin to letting this MONSTER run a daycare. Folks, does this shock you? If it does, then you could not see far enough ahead to see the end result of making abortion "safe, legal, and rare."

Personally, I am wondering what kind of folks are actually backing the current federal government's proposal for disruption of medical services. Oh, it is the morons. Can we puh-leeeeeze try their ideas one thousand times? I mean, they have never, ever worked but that doesn't actually mean that they will not work in the future, right?

I mean certainly a government take-over could actually wind up working as swimmingly as that Cash for Clunkers thingy worked, right? Well, if by 'working' you mean not increasing sales or production or profit or income and only making things worse.

May we be honest? You want to have sex with Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin at the same time.

One final thought, when you are looking for a new college footbaw corch, there should only be one thing that you check out before you hire. HOT WIFE.

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classicaliberal said...

Kids say (after being indoctrinated by libtards within the school system wishing to impose their America hating philosophies upon them) the darnedest things!

Andy said...

TD, I will not address the Malkin/Palin deal. I'm sure others can do a much better job on that one.

But O'Keefe and Giles... Bwahahahahahahahaha! Man, I've known some pimps and hos...and if anybody is retarded enough to buy their lily-white line...Geez Louise...

"Abortion Addiction?" Pam has worked with many post-abortive women over the years, trying to help them drag their psyche back together. But this chick is just purely demonic. I'm sure that there is a very warm place in HELL reserved for her.


Oh Word verification is "reamaman."

Paul Mitchell said...


Tish said...

Mmm, mmm, mmm, "It's a Small World" all over again! ACK!

Oh and the chicks would appreciate some male eye candy once in a while (aside from the author of course).

Finally, where is the important stuff--the review of the college football games tomorrow??

Paul Mitchell said...

Tish, I gotta deadline this morning, so it shall have to come later, I do not want to upset my little, blue-haired girlfriends.

And my one New Years resolution that I have always been able to keep in "No nekkid dudes on this blog."

Hit up Classicaliberal's blog, he is big into the Male Anatomy. Trojan fan, you know?

COLLEGE GAMEDAY trash-talking!!

Texas Shooter said...

Thanks for the Vol-porn links to Layla Kiffin!

I thought I would share some expert analysis on your favorite team was found on AceofSpadesHQ:

"LSU is walking into a trap game at Ms. State. Late flight, no walkthrough, 6 inches of rain. It could be worse, they could have hired Rich Rodriguez."

College Gameday!

Capcha is "tamstesh", and I swear I have never even spoken to her!