Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Bored with the Fascists

Seriously, I just do not even want to comment on this slew of idiots that are going full steam ahead to destroy the finances of the world. There is not one single good thing coming from DC, yet it shall never affect my life.

Well, unless they really do start locking people up that refuse to shit upon our founding principles. I don't think that is a possibility right now, but when their legislation starts being implemented, all bets are off.

So, just read the same blogs that I read daily. Y'all know what I read. I really do think that I am going to have to start sharing again in Google Reader because the security settings on my firewall have forced me to use secure sites until I can figure out how to allow Blogger, Wordpress, and other general sites again.

Yes, it is a good firewall and I highly recommend F-Secure for internet security, but they are getting a little ridiculous with all of the DDoS attacks happening on Twittah, Facebook, LiveJournal, and ShitSpace.

Please remember, FUCK A BIG SAFETY!!!

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Andy said...

Paul, just addressing the last line of your post...

Since you are the resident expert on all things football, and have experience in the subject...which Safety would you recommend?

Paul Mitchell said...

Hands down, Chad Jones. No contest. Well right now anyway.

Andy said...

Was it good?

Bwahahaha! Word verification: dighim