Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Linkdump and Opinion - Random Throughout the Day

Jumping into the impressive stuff. I do not have much commentary on this one.

Malkin highlights the smartest sentence that Barry has ever uttered.

OBAMA: Is — is — is…


Commercial Interruption: My Mr. Coffee, which has never made more than two point three-three cups of coffee in my normal mug, mysteriously made THREE cups today. No, I did not mistakenly miscount. Purchase Mr. Coffee products, because they are magic. Occasionally. Now, BACK TO THE BLOGSHOW!!

Barry Obama pretends that he is a homosexual, geeky moron. WAIT, that ain't pretending!

Then for his next trick, he tries to manipulate the governor's race of New York. I am certainly glad that G_d is finally trying to make things happen during his time on Earth.

Michelle Obama is HAWT! Man, I am furiously flogg....well, you know. I am so happy that they have finally unearthed the Jackson Pollock signature collection series of women's FINE attire.

Barry can laugh like a demented clown at his idiot wife, but he cannot laugh at himself.

If you want to understand the ranking system of NCAA college footbaw, you have to first understand that you can actually be in the next to the last place in your very own conference, yet still not be behind in national polling, even though the teams ahead of you IN-conference are not even in the Top 25. Once you get past that point, you can seriously imagine bumblebees flying from your ass, too. Problem solved. Thanks, Pete Carrol for fighting against the playoff system. You are amazing.

Andy done purdy good on his picks. You should bet the entire farm on his choices every week.

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ChristinaJade said...

Good grief, we have a complete potato-head as POTUS. Freakin' PATHETIC.

Veri-word - "goend"

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, The Wave.

classicaliberal said...

"Obama plays dumb..." 'Plays!' LOL!

Paul Mitchell said...

CL, yeah, he is 'playing' dumb in the autobiographical "Barry Obama Story."

ChristinaJade said...

Just got a BlatentAdvertisingGimmick check from Mr. Coffee, I see.

word veri - dropli - you are rigging these things, aren't you?

Skunkfeathers said...

I am slowly becoming almost convinced that the BsCS could better handle the hellthcare deBAIT than Barry and his attack dwahg, Bela Pelosi.

And the word verif must be in Pelosi's honor: marmiul

Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, you know that you are not a Kiffin believer yet. Wait until he approaches Fillpot Filmert's record, then you can become a believer.

Proctsis is obviously something to do with an anus, a cyalume glowstick, and a badger. Just saying.