Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today in History and Making Some, too!

September 17, 1787 was the day that a bunch of dead white guys got together, smoked some hemp, and beat their slaves. This led to the revolution that we are now seeing daily. The fact that those dead, white slave owners penned the Constitution allowed us to elect MORONS. Before the slave owners published that document, morons were relegated to doing manual labor because they were too stupid. Look at them NOW!!!!

All because of a bunch of racist white guys. Basil has more.

I must say that I am overwhelmed by work, but really that is not why I am avoiding political commentary on this blog. I am avoiding it because the morons are in charge now and it is best to keep your fucking mouth shut and let them destroy the country with their stupidity. When they are finished, then the seven of us that have been carrying the world on our backs for so long can go back to what we do so well.

I really hope that the morons do not start watering plants with Gatorade before we get the chance to be in charge again.

In case you think that I am exaggerating how stupid these morontards are, below are links to PROOF.

Since we always blow trillions of tax payer dollars on helping out the countries that we conquer,we must rebuild the Soviet Union.

The President gives these people BILLIONS.

BILLIONS more. Check this shit out. These criminals are President Obama's FRIENDS that support and facilitate ILLEGAL-ALIEN, CHILD PROSTITUTION.

An image, maybe worth something. 1000 words? Yeah.

More of the President's friends are batshit crazy.

This is the state of the manufactured goods industry. Be fucking skeered.

In case you were wondering, only 45% of medical professionals will consider quitting if the moron's President gets his way. I take this as 55% of medical professionals are dumbasses.

Hello Kiffin is being lobbied to start a giant catfish at kwerterbeck this weekend. I consider this good advice. COLLEGE GAMEDAY!!!

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Skunkfeathers said...

Driving a train through nostrils? Ewwwwwwww...Booger Express, Track 9.

Keep workin' those lower back muscles, Paul...when Barry & Co get done screwin' the pooch, the load you'll be carryin' will be a mutha...