Thursday, September 10, 2009

Your Daily Dose.....

....of SEC trash talking.

Bwahahahahahahaha. And I loved Herschel, too!

Let Saturday BEGIN!!!!

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classicaliberal said...

Georgia Fans... sigh.

Skunkfeathers said... one college team is going to play nobody, and may lose that game, anyway. But still, it's FOOTBALL, and at least Barry hasn't managed to screw THAT up yet. At least until he appoints a NCAA czar who is (a) another of his criminal friends and (b) knows what most of his czars know about their assigned fields...squat crap.

Andy said...

Man, that's one from the archives, huh? I swear, I never saw a more impressive back. Period! I've seen some just as good, but none better.

We got Vandy in Death Valley. It better go better than last week...

Paul Mitchell said...

CL! Where you hding out, boy?

Skunks, Go William and Mary!!!

Andy, when the Heisman went to Rogers instead of Walker, I knew that it was nothing.

Andy said...

Heh! You know William and Mary took somebody to the woodshed last week...Virginia maybe?

Rogers was a great college player. But he weren't no Herschel. Herschel should have never signed up with the USFL. But looking back at it, I'm glad he played for my 'Boys eventually. And when Tex traded him off, we ended up with Smiff', Woodson, and some others.

Man, the guy was great.