Friday, October 09, 2009

Barry's Peace Prize

Last time I left town, BrittFar unretired. This time Barry wins the Nobel 'Peace' Prize. WTF?

A little more on this. What kinda idiotic, fucktarded, stupidity must have arrived in this world to have allowed this to happen?

Does anyone respect a single other country in the world if they pick Barry FREAKIN' Obama to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Shark? JUMPED.


Critical+Technical said...

Haha, and imagine if Al Gore ever won the Nobel Peace prize for climate control awareness...that'd be the day.
Oh wait, that happened last year.
Norwegians don't know shit.

Andy said...

With all due respect C + T, you're wrong. Norwegians definitely know shit. Just sayin'...

Andy said...

BTW Paul, since unexpected things happen when you leave town...

I am encouraged about Saturday night now. (And I ain't talkin' about what YOU got planned Saturday night, either!) ;)

Critical+Technical said...

If you enjoy fjords and spiked up taxes Andy, then by all means.

Apparently we can't agree on anything.

Skunkfeathers said...

What's the big deal here? So Barry Hussein Soetero...mmmm mmmm mmmm...won a Noballs Pizza Prize. We already knowd that about him.

Huh? What? He won a what? Well, yeti shit...stupid Norwegians. I thought they were gassed on AlGore.

Wait til Ahmadinejad says he wants universal peace...he'll be awarded in '10. Real results don't mean gecko shit to libs.

Paul Mitchell said...

I think that they should just fuckin' give to Osama Bin Laden and get it over with.

They are the PAC 10 of awarding.

Andy said...

Paul, I came back to this post. You ask, "Shark? JUMPED."

Are you talking about Norway...or The US? I mean, they just gave him a worthless award. We elected him to run the joint. Just sayin'.

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