Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marginalizing Lefty Ideology - Part 7839 of Infinity

I am really not motivated to comment on the state of the nation today, yet I still have a few words to spew on a coupla' topics.

First, I took the time necessary to listen to the endless stream of commercials on the Rush Limbaugh program just to hear what he had to say regarding his attempt to purchase the Shit Louis Rams. Why Limbaugh would even consider buying this team is beyond my understanding, but the backlash against his attempted purchase is so far removed from rational thought that it borders on insanity. If I were him, I would tell the Rams that I am withdrawing my proposal because the franchise did nothing to stand up and stop the lying stupidity coming from morons opposed to keeping the franchise operating. OR! Buy it anyway and move it the fuck away from Stupid Louis. Just saying.

The lunacy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Folks, get a damn grip, there are plenty of homosexuals in the military. It is probably bordering on the one percent of the rest of the total population, too. It just seems to be higher in the Air Force because they are kinda fancy and shit. But, to actually make a person's sexual proclivities even a remote part of their employment, kinda goes against all the fucking sexual harassment silliness that we already have in place. Hey dude, you are at friggin' work, try to keep your cock put away, mmmmkay? Just saying.

The Obama Nobel Peace Prize. For the love of FUCK. This is seriously the dumbest shit that I have seen in forever. Barry was in office a whopping eleven friggin' days before the cut-off for nominees. The only thing that he could possibly receive this prize for is the fact that his father was a black Muslim. And we all know that Islam is the religion of peace, right? Folks, this is simply beyond comprehension, totally. There is ZERO way that the Nobel committee could ever have done this, ever. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

"Universal Healthcare." Please, there is not one intelligent person that thinks this is a good idea. Drop it already, remove all Democrats from politics, lock them up in mental institutions, and administer the shock treatments. Do it. Do it NOW, before it is too damn late. Oh, Olympia Snowe is voting for the Baucus Bill. WHAT A FUCKING SHOCKER.

My patience? Yes, it is GONE.

Please take the time to comment.


Andy said...

Your "patience" is "gone?"

Musta been a pretty good weekend in KY. Just sayin'

And to top off the weekend, you listened to Rush...man, it musta been a REALLY GOOD WEEKEND in JellyLand.

Hey man...seriously...I know what you mean. I really do. The backhoe is scheduled for Friday, to dig the hole out for the concrete bunker that is to be poured in the next few weeks.


Paul Mitchell said...

Come on, Andy, I go out of town like twice this year and y'all let BrittFarr come back and then let Barry get a Nobel. Do I have to do everydamnthing mydamnself?

Please say "NO!"

Andy said...


Well...maybe you do need to do everything yourself. It seems that your subjects can't hold down the kingdom while you're on the prowl...I mean..."OUT OF TOWN." (wink wink)

So, did CJ have as good a weekend as you did? Just askin'...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I was in East Nebraskentuckeesaw, CJ is in West Nebraskentuckeesaw.

Skunks, I shall try like Hell, but our kind is outnumbered ten to one, you know.

Andy said...

Sure you were... SURE...

I believe you Paul. I really do. While you was out cavorting, CJ posted a thing or two. I figured it was just "scheduled posts" on blogger to cover y'all's tracks.

But I reckon I've got to take you at your word.

DANG! That would have been a fabulous virtual urban legend that would stump even the Snopes crowd, and leave your loyal subjects "wondering."

Bwahahahahaha...my word verification is "holes." Oh man...

Paul Mitchell said...

Nope, CJ could never put up with my shit, Andy. Y'all know that I am too hard to deal with, only crazy wimmerns want to hang out with me.

And ten Southern points for using the plural possessive of "y'all's" correctly. Awesome.

ChristinaJade said...

I heard that. :)

Skunkfeathers said...

I rectum that Barry's continued missteps will bring parity to the odds.

The Mayor said...

I know you said that democrats should be administered shock treatments, but for all that is holy, when I first read that I thought you said *shocker treatments*.

Either way it's a damn fine idea. Just sayin'.

Skunkfeathers said...

*pictures Bela Pelosi floppin' on the floor to the sound of pffffffzzz!, and smiling fondly at the image*