Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday's Bad News

Since I have been stinking it up as a blogger this week because other LESS important things have been occupying my time, I thought that I would throw out a "Make Fun of Barry" post and then settle in for the College Gameday.

Of course the main news that the networks are covering yesterday was the overwhelming racism of the Olympic Committee peoples. The reason that the Barry White House jetted off to Europe to begin with was not to try to woo the huge money losses of the Olympics, but to get the real news that was dropping off the front page with the RAAAAACIST decision by the IOC. (Ignore the fact that Brazil has ZERO white people, who by today's definition are the only people that can be RAAAAACIST.)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the data for TRUE unemployment on Thursday. They were only around a MILLION folks off. This immediately increases the current DIS-employment rate by fifteen percent. That info dropped at the close of the week while everyone was shocked that Barry failed. (Ignore the fact that he has only had one success in his life, getting elected president. You see, Barry Obama is an idiot. Joe FREAKING Biden?)

Another small tidbit of info that would seem to be pretty damn important to manufacturing industries and construction industries would be a H-U-G-E decrease in imported steel. If you actually take the time to put that in perspective, you would immediately cower under your desk and wet your pants. How in the mortal Hell can steel imports decrease by SEVENTY-SIX PERCENT and this not signify the further slowing of production? Could it be that yards are already overflowing with inventory to make products that are not being made? (Ignore the fact that there is an ever increasing number of unemployed, coupled with additional stock inventory, and no purchases being made from other places. Sounds kinda like the perfect economic storm, hmmmmm? But, the recession is OVAH, I TELLS YA'!!!)

On the "healthcare" front, yesterday, Senator Thomas Carper (Dumbass-DE) said that he would not read the "healthcare" bill before voting YEA! on it. Please remember that any kind of federal government interference with your health and medical services is going to kill you quickly. And please remember, there was someone that pointed out in July of 2005 that Thomas Carper was a fucktarded imbecile.

Now the Olympics. I must make a slight disclaimer here. I have never in my entire lifetime ever watched a single Olympic event. Not the Miracle on Ice, not curling, not any track and field events, no Dorothy Hamil nor Nadia Whateverthefuck. I did not even watch that pot-smoking, swimming HOMO. Why? Because it is buh-uh-uh-uh-ORING. (Please insert your favorite Olympic events in the comments so I can get bored to tears and sleep for while. The only thing that could be more boring than the Olympics is knowing where you were in Michael Phelps swam in a pool wearing tighty whiteys and beating other dudes in tighty whiteys. Please share.)

Classicaliberal has a round-up of the Obama Olympic Failboat, give that a read and then hurry back.

At one of the three blogs that has been linked here since the beginning, sarcasm spills over. By the way, the textbook definition of 'sarcasm' is "racist, hate-filled, whitebread, cracker humor." Yes, I laughed and there is already a hater comment there. Please go add more.

More Olympic humor. Does this photo look like everyone that has been laid off from Home Depot (since they elected Barry) was on the skreets in Chicago rooting for their Messiah? And do they realize that the Olympics is HUGE money loser that brings corruption into the area? Oh, wait, it's Chicago, never mind.

Homosexuals in bikinis chimes in on the Obama Olympic Failboat.

I found a thank-you note written to Arms Obama for her unselfish sacrifice for jetting to the armpit of civilization to lobby for the plebes in Chicago. This kind of heartfelt appreciation is all too rare in today's RAAAAACIST society. I weep.

This is too damn gross and totally unrelated to anything in the rest of the world.

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