Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously, You Cannot Make This Stuff Up!!!

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When Congressman John Boehner, the Republican Party leader in the US House of Representatives, follows me on Twittah, you know that the world is about to change fah reals, yo. I am not certain that Boehner is actually the one sending out his "Tweets," but the reason I don't know is because I have not read any of them. Yeah, I added him anyway because I have been ignoring Twittah in the past month because they have still not gotten the bugs worked out from that DDoS attack on the dude in Georgia. And my RANKING has suffered tremendously, too.

But, the real reason I have not been involved in politics too much lately is because DAMMIT! the folks in DC make it impossible to take any of them seriously. The fact that they are debating taking over medical services should give you a damn clue. Which one of those pesky Constitutional Amendments covers that shit? Dude, check out what it says in The Tenth Amendment:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Not really sure how that affects the debate in Congress, but if there are more people that think medical services should be handled by the Fed than think it should not be, then there is something seriously WRONG with the philosophy of our citizens. What happened to the American Dream? Has it become to sit at home and watch Orpah all day long on your welfare provided DVD-R?

Get this, SOMEONE is going to HAVE to PAY for those medical services. I heard a dumbass on the radio this morning talking about how "healthcare" was free to her kids in Finland because they were enrolled in public school there. Yes, the fact that her kids went to "FREE" public school, entitled them to receive "FREE" medical services. Really? There are people that SPAWN that are obviously pretty damn stupid.

Just so you know, any plan that the Fed says costs LESS than 1.35 TRILLION dollars is NOT POSSIBLE. I ran the numbers going on nothing but the ACTUAL figures provided by current government provided medical services. This does not even take into account the ADDITIONAL eighteen to twenty-four percent increase in the contributions REQUIRED of the states to help fund these plans. Do you know what that means? Not only will federal taxes shoot to the damn moon, but state taxes shall have to be raised to cover the MANDATED costs at the state level. So, all figures that the Fed is throwing around right now does not even come close to showing the true, total cost of the programs proposed.

What is cheaper, government or private medical services? Well, Medicare administrative costs are greater than the administrative costs of every single private insurers costs COMBINED.

Maybe if the government would get rid of all the fraud that is committed, costs would go down? Nope, my number above doesn't even consider fraud, it considers only ACTUAL costs of medical services.


If you would like a good illustration of exactly what the federal government does to justify itself, consider this. The federal government required banks to loosen their lending standards to achieve a more racially "diverse" group of investors. This led to the creation of sub-prime lending. This sub-prime lending practice led to the utter collapse of our economy. The federal government DID IT. Then the Fed took a bunch of federal tax money and propped up the economy the best that they could to keep all of those sub-primes from failing totally. Guess what the federal government is doing now? Protecting those people that are defaulting on sub-primes, which in turn is going to cause more banks to FAIL.

Let's recap.

1. Force banks to participate in bad lending practices,

2. ......

3. PROFIT!!!

4. FUCK.

Then what does the federal government do when they specifically cause businesses to FAIL? Well, of course they swoop in and take over those businesses and use tax payer money to bail them out. Does this seem like a good idea on any level? Force a business to fail, throw money at it to keep a failed business afloat (after actually causing the failure), then install idiots from the government to run that failed business.

By the way, for some reason the Left is considered the "Reality-Based Community." While this is certainly laughable, the new administration is taking that humor to newer, greater heights. But, Barry Obama is the SMARTEST President that we have ever had.

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