Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drive-By Blogging - Folder Cleaning

I am heading outta town again tomorrow, do y'all think that maybe y'all can keep friggin' Deion Sanders from coming out of retirement while I am gone? Is that TOO MUCH to ask of y'all, MY FAMDAMILY?

Anyhoo, I gotta do come folder cleaning to get the news out there for the six of y'all that read this Headstone of FAIL. Oh, notice that even though I have not been posting regularly and traffic is falling for the past month, the rank of this blog has been INCREASING in Mississippi? I even remember back when this was the number one political blog in Mississippi even though I consider this joint a HUMOR blog.

Just so you know, the biggest news in the country right now is the fact that despite sucking unlimited bags of dicks at playing footbaw, THREE-LOSS uSCCC is STILL ranked in the BCS!!! Please make a note that NEVER-EVER ranked Stanford, the team that beat the absolute tee-total mortal SHEE-IT outta uSCCC this past weekend, is only ranked ONE SLOT above uSCCC. Seriously, please, wha...da...fu...?

This week in college footbaw in GRAPHS. Enjoy.

Now, with neither rhyme, nor reason, the linkdump.

You know what we really need right now with the Democrats destroying the economy with their lunacy? How about MORE TAXES? Where the Hell is John Adams when you need him?

What exactly are the stats on who pays the taxes, by the way? OH. Not good.

Guess what happens when unions run the show? PART I. They run off businesses? Dang. PART II. They run off businesses? Dang. Is there an echo up in this M-Fer?

Michelle Obama is friggin' HAWT. Especially when Stevie Wonder dresses her.

Barry takes a pretty picture, too.

Here's some more on Barry and his lovers in ACORN. Barry now has a "Erase All Past History Czar."

But, Barry is absolutely dumb as a bag of hammers. And dishonest.

But, do not worry, the Barrystream Media will cover up for Zebra Jesus.

Remember, the economy is in a Divine-Inspired Recovery. Well, yeah.

Concerning the "Stimulus," longtime blog buddy that has just now started blogging again, Steve B, kinda OWNS a calculator and crunches the numbers on this clusterfuck. Yeah, baby, these guys/gals/Barney Frank-like creatures are great for our personal wealth.

Speaking of Barney Frank, when the Party of the Morons is starting to write bad stuff about a prostitution-supporting, drug-supporting, embezzling homosexual, you know that it is time to go.

Speaking of Barney Frank, Joe Lieberman has gotten some enemies on the Moron-side of the political spectrum, too. Good Lord, Joe is as far left as you can get without falling off the edge of the world. Why do they hate him now? Because he supported The McCainiac? It should be illegal to be a leftie or either you should be locked up in the lunatic asylum.

Really, Basil kinda misses the point here. The reason to vote for Republicans is because our chicks are HAWT. NO. I only want the Congress to start UNDOING what they have done since my birth.

Um, maybe this media person is the one that actually coined the term "Teabaggers."

A United States sailor comes home from Kuwait. Dammit, I love dachshunds. getchur weiner ON!!!

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Skunkfeathers said...

7-3 and still in the Top 20?

How much money are they sending Barry to keep 'Chelle in steroids?

Basil said...

You're missing the point on SoCal. Them getting blown out by Stanford doesn't show how bad SoCal is. It shows how good Stanford is. That's why SoCal is still ranked.

And you're missing the point on 3-loss Stanford. The Cardinal's back-to-back-to-back blowouts of Arizona State, Oregon, and SoCal were flukes. That's why they're only ranked where they are.

See? If you make two separate yet related decisions without considering the facts of both, you can reach these conclusions. It's easy!

Andy said...

Nyuk! "when Stevie Wonder dresses her" made me cackle!

Yeah, I saw Basil's post over at his place. Our gals are just so way hot...

I think Basil's on to something with University of Spoiled Children...obviously he's gotten inside the head of the polltards.

BTW, Basil sure has aged. Just sayin'.

Hey man...have a good trip. Be safe.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, Michelle's body produces massive amounts of testosterone on its own. She never finished puberty.

Basil, I actually had to go check Stanford's record. If they win their last PAC-10 game and Oregon loses one, Stanford is in the Rose Bowl. My, how the (allegedly) mighty have fallen. Stanford in the Rose Bowl. I cannot make my brain stop hurting over that.

Andy, how do they let her leave the house dressed like that? Is it like when your four year old wants to wear his Spiderman costume everywhere and you let him, just to keep him from throwing a hissy fit?

Andy said...

LOL! Yeah, it's probably something like that...I swear man...

MUD said...

That's the nice thing about dogs, they always are glad to see you. Go out to get the paper and they will wag their tail when you go back inside. Stop and feed the cat and they don't care. Did i hear a baby cry in the clip? Does anyone else thing it is strange that he played with the dogs rather than hold the baby? Oh well. MUD