Sunday, November 08, 2009

Drive-By Blogging Linkdump

(I stole this image from EDSBS.)

Since I am trying my dead level best to keep a positive frame of mind lately, I find no need to elaborate on these links, let's just throw them into categories and let you sort them out. Trust me, there is NO GOOD NEWS from DC, especially since the Moron Party pushed through the Bill to Kill the Citizenry last night. One moron that infiltrated the Republican Party in Louisiana also voted for it.

Medical Services News

Party of the Morons MORONS that voted against the Bill. Travis Childers (Dumbass-MS) was one of them. Please MS-01 people, do not be fooled by this guy's vote. He is simply trying to appease you long enough to lull you into continuing to vote for him. Get rid of this douchebag as soon as possible. Gene Taylor (Dumbass-MS) is truly the only Democrat on The Hill that actually has any intelligence and sometimes I wonder about him, too.

Sarah Palin responds to Barry Obama's lies about NOT funding abortions. Even thought this doesn't matter to me, yo. Look, abortion is FUCKING WRONG. The fact that we keep debating it does NOT make it right. Sorry, CHOICE? FUCK YOU.

In the bill the is language that FORCES you to buy insurance. If you do not, YOU GO TO JAIL. This has ALWAYS been in the bill. And penalties to companies that do not buy insurance for their employees START at a quarter of a million dollars. These penalties have ALWAYS been in the bill right next to funding medical services for criminal aliens, setting up a commission to determine what services you receive (death panels), AND funding abortions. These things has ALWAYS been in the bill despite what President Moron McLyingbiscuit has said.

Drake talks about the abortion funding. Of course, an amendment was also passed last night to refuse abortion funding, but trust me, the Moron Party shall take that out in joint sessions to mark-up the bill. If abortion is your single issue, you better start ringing the phone off the hook, because you are about to buy a bunch of dead babies with your tax money.

In a startling bit of news, the Republican "healthcare" plan, which President Morontard says does not exist, passed muster with the CBO. Saves money, promotes individual freedoms, and is a WIN-WIN all the way around. But FUCK that, let's destroy some shit.

And while the Idiot Congress is passing this huge financial calamity bill, the tax collections receipts are tallied. Guess what? Nothing has gone right in DC in over two years. Wonder what happened two years ago to destroy the economy and remove the wealth from the planet? Yeppers, Democrats took control in January 2007. Coincidental, right?

Economic News

Since the only thing that you hear on the Barrystream Media Reports is that the economy is on the rebound, I thought that I should pass on to you the little FACT that they are LYING. As you shall recall, this is a JOBLESS recovery even though President Buckethead said that his plan would keep unemployment below eight percent.

He was FUCKING LYING. No, he was NOT WRONG. Barry Obama is a Democrat, they only know how to do one thing, LIE.

. Just so you know, it is STILL going UP, too.

Guess what the passage of the Moron Party's "healthcare" bill is going to do to unemployment? There can ONLY be one answer to that question unless you are an idiot. But, Hell! Let's just be shocked and amazed when unemployment continues to skyrocket against ALL the predictions of the Barrystream Media, mmmkay?

Wonder what is going to continue to happen to unemployment and foreclosures with all of the federal governments meddling? Well, of course, the EXACT opposite of what President Liar and his minions tell you. Seriously, folks, the Moron Party knows these things even before they vote for the legislation. BEFORE THEY VOTE FOR IT.

What else is going on in the economy? Well, could it be that everything that the Moron Party has done has increased the divide between the regular people and the Moron Party backers? What the media is doing is CRIMINAL in its intent. They are fully absolving themselves of their First Amendment RESPONSIBILITIES to promote their ideology. Shun them, let them fail. The Barry White House shall certainly bail them out and then you shall see first hand what is happening, there shall be no better evidence.

Most intelligent people know why the major stocks are gaining value, it is because the greenback is worth nothing. But, GOLD, aw fuck yeah.

Seriously, I cannot stand to watch this shit much longer. What are my options instead?

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Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, this thing is really spinning out of control. Barry should resign NOW and save us all the pain and suffering. Biden would somehow be better than President Moron.

Paul Mitchell said...

I agree totally and that makes me very, very sad.

Paul Mitchell said...

The loud retching noise you hear is four cups of coffee hitting hardwood floors in Brandon, MS, by the way.

Joubert said...

"Seriously, I cannot stand to watch this shit much longer. What are my options instead?"

Well, my solution was to post one hit wonders. :)

Thanks for the link, Paul.

David Drake said...

Echoing that, the thanks for the linky.

Skunkfeathers said...

I hope all those independent "swing voters" who went for hope and change are projectile vomiting at their mirror images right now, and are prepared to make things right, starting in '10. Damn the marxists and their false prophet, Barry the usurper.