Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Five Whole Days with No Post

I think that five days is the longest length of time that I have ever gone without getting the voices outta my haid. But, today is the biggest day in the history of our great REPUBLIC and it must be recorded on this here blarg. In that five days, I have read minimally ten thousand blark posts and numerous news reports concerning our country. The Barrystream Media reports on our New Moron President are glowing, yet the facts are somewhat on the opposite end of the Truth Spectrum.


First, let's see what our "educators" think about the Obamessiah. Watch the whole movie if you can. I filled up a five gallon mud bucket (with what appears to be a dry pulled pork sammich) just from watching. If your kids are in public school, they deal with this bullshit daily.

Last night, while the Democrats were being roundly ousted from political life in areas where citizens had the CHOICE, the Barry White House enjoyed an HBO special about the most feckless, idiotic, moronic President in history. May we please ignore the fact that normal people utterly reject any of the philosophy that is followed by the idiots in DC?

During the last year, our standards have changed regarding what the ultimate woman must be. Honestly I have no idea what the standards must be now, because there is nothing about this "woman" that seems remotely attractive to me. Not her physical appearance, not her mental acuity, not her philanthropy, not her accomplishments, nothing about her makes her seem even mediocre. But, what the Hell do I know?

I have also struggled to figure out why anyone thinks that our President is even marginally intelligent since he believes is nothing but failing ideology and idiotic policies that have never even reached a modicum of success. Obviously, morons do not share my opinion. When someone tells you that another person is smart, try to take the time necessary to formulate your own opinion. Barry is the most cerebral? I think that "cerebral" just became an insult. Just for a small reference, Barry Obama is the Southland Tales President. His shall go down in history as being the administration that CAUSED the collapse of the entire system of wealth in the entire world and for centuries shall be known as complete an total failure. An "Obama" will be the future standard for sheer calamity and total destruction of all of humankind. The Final Act of Total Global Nuclear Destruction will be known as "The Obamacaust." Mark it down, I have spoken.

At some point in the future, Al Capone shall be forgotten as the media darling that he was in Chicago, and Obama shall replace him as the most corrupt GANGSTA outta the area. The media lies continue. What seems really odd to me is that anyone could see the true human cost of war by observing coffins for a photo op. The true human cost of war, in my opinion, will always be the families that are left behind to try to fill the void of the loss of a warrior. Maybe it could be the destruction caused by evil men, that follow an evil religion that is predicated on the tenets of death to all that refuse to follow. Or maybe the true cost is the ignorance and failure to recognize that calling a spade a spade is necessary to continuing our very existence. Islam does NOT equal peace, it never has, and it never will. When we will wake up and realize the truth about Jihad?

How about we send the most repulsive human being we can cull from the herd and send her to the heart of Muslim territory and let her tell those killahs that we are gonna roll over and pee on our bellies?

In addition, leftists do not respect the total human cost of any act of violence. But Hell, let's foment some fucking HATE up in this mother fucker, mmmmkay?

But luckily, we can now use the Obamessiah to determine what we should wear for the day.

The most important thing that is headed down the tracks in our future is the total government takeover of medical services. The first thing that I did months ago when this first started being discussed is take actual costs of a current government run medical program, multiply that number by the total number of people in the country, and arrive at a true cost. Total government costs of the program FOR ONE YEAR is in excess of 1.35 TRILLION dollars if the Party of the Morons gets what they want. The government cost estimators are getting closer to my number. Also, the folks that are charged with weeding out government corruption and fraud are now calling the "healthcare" bill what it truly is, THE WORST BILL EVER. This is a huge statement when all of the bad legislation is considered, but it is not far from the truth at all.

Ten things you should know about Speaker Pelosi's "Healthcare" Bill.

But, let's recap the history of medical services.

Since Nancy Pelosi is the greatest thing since a pocket on a tee-shirt, wonder how much money her INCREASE of taxes is going to cost us, the working families, in the long run? How about an increase in our federal tax bill of FIFTY FUCKING PERCENT?

In addition, how are things on the jobs front, since Barry Obama has been wrong about everything to date concerning everything? Well, he is kinda WRONGY WRONG WRONG WRONG on the number of jobs that he has "created or saved." And the ones that he can actually claim to have "saved" were in government, which produces nothing and creates ZERO wealth.

How is Barry's takeover of the housing finance market coming along? Swimmingly, by his standards, but by SANE metrics, that means it is an utter, tee-total FAILURE.

Since all of the failures this past year can be laid at the feet of none other than George W. Bush, when can we call Barry out of his mishandling of every single thing that he has touched? Can we do that now that he is ruining the "recovery" that was caused by George W. Bush? Remember, if it happened THIS YEAR, it was because of George W. Bush, right? Wonder why there is so much trading going on that the NYSE had to go to back-up servers? Strange that would happen in the middle of Barry's recovery, huh?

As a quick reminder, if you are Black, be afraid of the people in powah right now.

Here's a link simply because I lurve me some SCIENCE! As always, scientists ignore evidence that contradicts their religion.

The refusal of people to acknowledge real, concrete evidence reminds me of the FACT that PAC-10 FOURTH PLACE TEAM, uSCCC, sucks.

Also, this blorx predicted that the Ole Miss Klansmen would only win eight games tops this year. This means that they must win three of their last four, all while sucking and denying entrance to black folks. I wonder when the calls for the firing of Houston Nutt start?

Andy's Sunday morning Quarterback post.

Finally, in good news, in case you were wondering, YES!!!! Lobster Corndogs RAWK the entire world, especially when consumed in awesomatic company!

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(Dead) Tommy5 said...

I guess the voices in your "haid" didn't have anything for WTW.

I like your pink napkin, it fits you.

Joubert said...

Lobster corndogs? Never had one. They sound scrumptious.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, as far as I could tell, they were just a squat lobster, beer battered and a stick shoved up their butt. But, with that spicy Asian mustard, they kicked ass.

How's that for a hick description?

(Dead) Tommy 5, shut the Hell up.

Andy said...

Well...I posted a fabulous comment earlier. It did not publish, obviously. Or, TD deleted it. Sigh.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, since you failed to adequately trash the suckitude of uSCCC, I deleted the comment.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord that is a long post and I don't have time to read it all or click on the links!

Hopefully, whatever alcoholic beverage you ingested along with that stick up the lobster butt dish protected your arteries. Yikes. Of course, you are a born and bred southern man and need your daily requirement of cholesterol.

I just wanted to let you know I mentioned you in a comment on Roland's blog just now.

Paul Mitchell said...

Coffee Bean, you should have seen the order of fries that I ate today from Steak Escape. I swear they had one gallon of lard dripping from them.

Please tell me that the post that you mentioned me on was NOT gay marriage? Even though I know it was.

Andy said...

Heh! I knew you deleted my comment...and I know why! It had nothin' to do with uSCCC...just that "don't go there" deal about who awesomatic company is.

You will probably delete this one, too. That's why ah loves ya', TD!

Seriously, did you read Staci's deal about OU basketball? They got a guy on their team named "Tiny Gallon." Seriously...Tiny Gallon! Gotta be in the top 5 of great sports names ever.

Good to hear from youz agin.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, you know damn well that I did not delete your comment. You just did not hit PUBLISH.

Andy said...

Oh yeah? Well, probably so.

It was a fabulous comment. It said something about NewsBusters retracting their story about BozObama watching his own documentary.

And, there was something about the need to stop linking to that retard that thinks he knows about college football.

And, there was something in there about when we was gonna get clued in on whomsoever awesomatic company might be.

And, the word verification was freakin' hilarious. I can't remember what it was now, but it had something to do with a body part.

Where is that "publish" dealie???

Paul Mitchell said...

Actually Gibbs was the one that said he was misunderstood about President Idiot watching that, which means that he watched that.

The link to Sunday Morning Quarterback is tradition around these parts. It shall continue.

I was dining with none other than Brandon Spikes, the eye gouger.

Body parts are always funny, you know this.

Skunkfeathers said...

If I hit publish after typing nothing, does it result in a Baghdad Bob Gibbs press release?

ChristinaJade said...

I think Skunky is on to something - empty comments ARE Gibbsies' forte, after all.

As far as Michelle's big award of woman of the year goes, it kinda makes me wanna not be female anymore. Just sayin'

Texas Shooter said...

Say, I do believe that the Vols actually picked up a small number of votes in each of the 3 polls this week!

Could they have turned the corner?



Skunkfeathers said...

If I hit publish after typing nothing, does it result in a Baghdad Bob Gibbs press release?