Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Utterly Chaotic Linkdump

Since I suck at timely posts, here are the rankings for this week's BCS along with the USELESS APee poll. And since y'all are all wondering just WTF these morons are thinking, you need to turn your own personal computer into a BCS computer.

Dude, I wish Iowahawk had not posted that, because I am already struggling to stay motivated to actually perform work that pays me some DUST. Now, I only have one million reasons to not do a damn thing other than play around with my own BCS computer. COLLEGE GAMEDAY!!!

As is our wont to do, here is the Weekly Sunday Morning Quarterback post. As expected, Andy makes excuses for the Geaux Tigers, but lays it on hard with the Big 10 (11) and the FRIGGIN' PAC-10. And rightfully so, those conferences are not even good enough to field a wimmern's soccer team.

If you are a regular reader of this Temple to Mediocrity, you already know that we (smart people) back Basil's plan for a playoff system.

That solves all BCS problems, yo, get on it.

And the governmental lunacy continues.....

Our Moron President thoes hisself on the Diversity Sword. Please understand that my standard for moron is the clinical one. A moron is someone that possesses an IQ in the range from 51-70.

Why is it that so many people see the shooter for what he is, yet the Smartest President Evah (according to Chris Matthews) cannot see the absolute truth?

Um, how in the Hell can someone that has never seen combat suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? (More info in the links on that page, by the way.)

OH! You mean SECONDARY TRAUMA? Dammit, why don't you Barrystream Media types just say that Christianity and utter individualism killed those folks at Fort Hood? Same thing as what y'all are doing now, you fucktarded shitbags. It would still be lying and actually relay the message that you wanted to relay. No blood, no foul.

Of course when you specifically set out to kill in the name of Islam by screaming "Allahu Akbar" or whatever those murdering fuckers screech, OF COURSE IT IS NOT A TERRORIST ATTACK. SERIOUSLY. FUCK. ME. TO. DEATH.

Barry said that the Jihadist might have cracked from stress. Remember, the President is a moron.

Drake takes the President Shortbus to task for Barry's speech at Fort Hood.

In case you are wondering, YES, there is a Muslim problem in the United States. NO. Islam does NOT mean "peace." Obviously, it means quite the opposite.

Folks, we have some of the dumbest people that I have ever seen running this country right now. "Progressives" are wrong on every issue without fail.

Those "Progressives" in the news today include, Barney Frank who was present when his latest significant other was busted for growing dope in Frank's HOUSE. Please recall that Barney Frank also lived with another dude that got busted for running a gay whore house IN THEIR HOUSE. In case you are curious, Barney Frank is a Democrat Representative from Massachusetts, that just happens to be the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. And he is a fucking idiot, hence DEMOCRAT.

Another "Progressive" in the news today is none other than former Vice-President Al Gore, who was too smart to be President. He is found quoting his favorite philosophers, too. Oddly, they TOO are Marxist. Hey! SHOCKA!!!

While we are busting on the man that was too smart to be president, let's check out EVIDENCE that again proves that CO2 levels are being falsely reported by "Progressives." Have y'all all come to the conclusion that you simply cannot make all of this shit up?

On the "healthcare" front today, another "Progressive," Joe Lieberman, actually says that he will not support a bill with a public option. Maybe Joe is not completely retarded.

In more startling news, a "Progressive" becomes the most important First Lady in all of recorded history. And remember, her husband is a moron.

What happens if all of the sudden facts pop into your head and you leave the Idiot Movement? Well, they try to destroy you, like the Moron President is doing the country.

And if by some stroke of magic, you never leave the movement, what knowledge do you ever gain? Crowder shows you.....

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Jan said...

Many years ago I taught college world literature and we spent a day reading from the Koran (as we called it then, not knowing about the q-thing.) It clearly tells believers to "strike off the heads of infidels." How much clearer can it be?

Paul Mitchell said...

That is pretty dang clear, Jan. I just cannot understand why there is any confusion at all. Bush used to send me into fits of hysterics with his "Religion of Peace" comments.

Oddly enough, the debate was opened again today on how to really spell the President's name, since there are actually six different ways that it can be translated from Arabic.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry's name might be interpreted six different ways in Arabic, but that's understandable; I'm sure there's more that one word each that defines "liar" and "appeaser".