Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Drive-by Blogging - Da News

Just a few links of stuff that you shall never find in the Barrystream Media today. Hopefully, I shall be at a point where I can continue the mediocrity that you have come to know, love, and expect. Keep remembering that you get what you pay for, hit the Pay-Pal tip jar if you want to keep getting this shit daily, yo.

Most of you have always known that Anthropomorphic Global Warming was a hoax. There is no disputing it, the SCIENCE! is settled and always has been.

Of course, the "scientists" that were responsible to the United Nations IPCC have said that the e-mails were taken out of context. Translation for anti-idiotarians: "We got caught in our fraud and we are getting help from other criminals (Democrats) to cover it up."

Barbara Boxer is doing the heavy lifting for the criminals that tried to extort money from the entire world by (OF COURSE!!!) going after the people that exposed the fraud and criminal activity. Want to see the video? Go here. If you recall, the easiest way to abolish all crime is to instantaneously lock up all Democrats. Crime goes away immediately, yo.

When your argument goes utterly to Hell in a handbasket, even Jon Stewart will call you out. At last. How do you spot an imbecile? By the HuffPo cookie on their computer.

Newsbusters has more on Jon Stewart.

Gribbit adds a few words. With the Climate Fraudologist's e-mails taken completely out of context, too!!!

By the way, if you haven't kept up with the murders of the police officers in Washington, here's a little more about his family getting rounded up, too. RACE WAR ON!!!

In case you missed it, Joe FREAKING Biden is an idiot. Thomas Sowell says, "There has probably never before been as drastic a decline in the quality of vice presidents as there has been when Dick Cheney was replaced by Joe Biden." OUCH!!! Read the whole thing. (Quick point, Dr. Sowell obviously forgot when we moved from Dan Quayle to Al Gore. That is a monumental fucking tumble right there.)

On Barry Obama's speechifying last night, which was mysteriously I-FUCKING-DENTICAL to the speechifying he did on the same topic in March, he completely politicized the War on Muslims in Afghanistan.

And for those Sarah Palin haters, Barry Obama finally took Sarah's advice on Afghanistan. SNAP!!!

There are some bloggers that are actually looking at the true cost of the government controlled "healthcare" plan. Doug Mataconis graphs the ridiculous number that I cannot even grasp. What is that? Two point five TRILLION? My number that I came to was 1.35 trillion a year when fully implemented. Squat and watch.

Not to be outdone by the AGW liars and frauders, the Congress is slipping a value added tax into the "healthcare" bill. YAY!

From Mashable comes the question, "Is the CIA following you on Twittah?" Holy shit, I hope so, maybe they can learn something.

Here's a new blog for you to follow. It always helps to study the teachers of your enemy. And make no mistake at all, Barry Obama and his corrupt ILK are your enemy if you love the principles upon which this country was founded.

This custody case made me start out crying and then I laughed my ass off. Do you know how hard it is to keep your khaki shorts on with no damn ass?

This goes to eleven, or not.

*Click it to see the non-screwed up version and to laugh.*

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