Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drive-by Blogging - Yes, We ARE Doomed

Seriously, we have entered The Twilight Zone.

Time Magazine names Ben Bernanke Time's "Man of the Year." No, Bumbling Ben is NOT the dumbest person in DC, but this is exactly like Time HONORING Hitler, Stalin, Jimmy Carter, Yassir Arafat, you get the gist.

This "award" was given to Bumbling Ben right after he doubled down on his Keynesian ideology. "No, there could not be any possible reason that gold is at its highest level ever. That is totally unrelated to anything that I am doing with US currency and the Congress is doing with spending."

Yes, folks, Congress raised the debt ceiling yesterday. They might have well just said, "Hey, we're going to raise it to eleventy-grazillion dollars!"

And then....Congress prompted spent HALF OF THAT 290 BILLION. Yes, the 150 BILLION DOLLAR "jobs" program passed the House last night around seven.

Doesn't Joe FREAKING Biden, the smartest man THAT NOBODY MESSES WITH, realize that the 787 BILLION "stimulus" failed? In case you were unaware, the reason nobody messes with Joe is because no one wants to waste a single second talking to this imbecile. He ALMOST makes Barry Obama look smart and that is damned impossible to do.

And if you are NOT paying attention, you would think that unemployment is FALLING. Well, since we set new records for unemployment DAILY, that is hardly the case. And yes, just last week, we set the all-time record for FOOD STAMP applicants. HOPE and CHANGE is wicked awesome!

Here's what we have, SIXTY BILLION A YEAR in Medicare fraud. Yet, the Congress is currently working on a program to extend an utter failure of a program to everyone.

We have a government that is promoting anti-human ideology in the ridiculous idea of Anthropomorphic Global Warming. DESPITE THE REAMS OF PEER-REVIEW THAT STATES CLEARLY THAT IT IS NOT HAPPENING. (No, peer-review is not a criterion that I value, but those idiots do.)

Those idiots are still supporting the leftist "science" even more now that there are more and more REAL scientists coming forward to point out that the data was manipulated and AGW "scientists" lied.

Not only that, but Al Gore even has the AUDACITY to ramp up the lying. I think that Al forgot that for audacity to work, you have to have HOPE.

Also, when you practice audacity, you cannot run like a little bitch when someone calls you on it. That is not audacity, that is being a sissy. Defend your position Al, here's a shovel.

You know, this screeching about AGW is working toward the goals that the leftist "scientists" want. The destruction of humans.

Why do the Democrats do these ridiculous things? Because they are ALL criminals. You know, like Teddy Kennedy and those folks that worked for him.

Or like Barry Obama, the people that work for him, and the people that he worked for.

Not a duplicate: Or like Barry Obama, the people that work for him, and the people that he worked for.

But, you know what? You can do anything that you want to when your friends that run all the media outlets are on your side. They think that you will eat them LAST.

There is a huge problem in our country right now, folks. We let the children drive the car.

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