Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun With Math and Dead Presidents

It just hit me that we have FOUR living ex-Presidents, plus the current bozo in the White House. Of the five, four are total idiots.

Here's the shocker Liberals, George W. Bush is the smartest of the five and there is not much chance that you can dispute that with facts. I thought that W was supposed to be the absolute dumbest human being ever to live? Weird how that works out. Not to go into the particulars of his tenure in office, but highest average salary, lowest unemployment, blah, blah, blah. Not until the media wrongly convinced the idiots that things were bad, did Bush get a Democrat Congress and a mere ONE YEAR LATER did the economy go to Hell in a handbasket. Facts? To Hell with that crap.

This revelation also made me think about that crap of the current President being YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG. Jimmy Carter was also (according to the news media) really YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG and now thirty frigging years later he is still embarrassing the shit outta of our country.

Bill Clinton? YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, too. And look at that moron deviant. It never ceases to amaze me that Democrats continue to get elected.

All that said, the truth of the matter is that there were a couple of Presidents that a normal adult would refer to as "young." Teddy Roosevelt and John Kennedy. Both fully four years younger than that old guy in the White House now. Ten percent younger in fact. You also have US Grant younger than Barry, too. Of course, his tenure was plagued with scandals, but that could be because he was Republican and the Democrats were bound and determined to keep slavery alive and they would do anything to destroy Grant's Presidency.

Dang, Democrats have always been the same!


Since Kennedy never accomplished anything in office, and was completely irrelevant as far as history goes, well except for that whole GETTING DEAD THINGY, Clinton was impeached and his first two years in office put the Republicans in charge for the first time in forty years, and US Grant was plagued with scandals, that leaves Roosevelt as the only YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG president that was worth a bucket of warm piss.

Yes, Republicans love to point to Roosevelt and talk about how wonderful he was, yet Teddy was also an activist president and a big spender with "Save the Planet" tendencies. Of course, Roosevelt also came of age when the entire world was flirting with Socialism, so given the political climate at that time, I guess he was not actually too bad.

But, let's get to the gist. This country was founded on PRINCIPLES and LAWS, not men and their personalities. What is the winning formula for our ideological brethren? A philosophy, not a candidate. Granted, the Democrats have so thoroughly diminished the intellectual capacity of our citizens with their idiotic school system, so PHYSICAL BEAUTY has to enter into the equation, but the philosophy MUST be the driving force.

Yes, that means Sarah Palin should be a viable candidate, too. If you think that she is any dumber than Barry, Bill, or Jimmy, you are not paying attention.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Sarah trumps Bill in honesty and Jimmy/Barry Hussein Soetero in honesty and brains.

'Nuff said.

Joubert said...

I really didn't like Bush Sr while he was president and (yes, mea culpa) I voted for Clinton to get rid of him only to realize that we had swapped a clever but immoral roue for a rather simple-minded but decent man. W is definitely the best of the has-been bunch.

Andy said...

I have always respected Patrick for his honesty...who he is, what he believes, etc.

I think I am an honest person. But I don't think I'd have admitted that. ;)