Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Mean OBVIOUSLY I am PRO-Animal Cruelty, Right?

The way that I keep my finger on the pulse of crazy people is by reading the Clarion Ledger daily. There is no better gauge on Planet Earth as to what moonbats are planning than reading the C-L.

Anyhoo, I have made it a point to continually show where liberals/moonbats/assholes/idiots/morons hate human beings, and sometimes it takes a little thought to figure out what their current method is. They're sneaky in their hatred of G_d's greatest creature.

You know, let's pass this universal healthcare so everyone dies almost immediately!

In the last couple of weeks, the C-L has started publishing letters from simpering idiots about making animal cruelty a felony. Like this here Bob Jackman letter. Normal people immediately go all, "Yeah, that is a great idea, because no one should beat on Scruffy, like that heinous Michael Vick did!"


This is simply yet another way to outlaw eating meat, hunting, farming, blah, blah, blah, the list is endless. You see, incrementalism is the only way to get liberal policies passed, no one believes the shit that they do. Well, at least no one that works and raises a family believes that stupid shit. So, they have to lie, manipulate, and connive to get their stupid shit into law, in the most insidious ways, then immediately they rush to the liberal judges to further implement their idiotic agenda.

The animal cruelty stuff is doubly insidious. They play on normal people's feelings to protect their pets and then they make it damn near impossible to live your normal life. Hell, you won't even be able to feed the pet if liberals get their way. Plus, your pet gives you hours of pleasure and liberals HATE, HATE, HATE, that shit.

Not only that, but what is the end result of "animal cruelty" laws? Will dogs eventually be able to drive a car, too? Will we have to give THEM free healthcare?

Folks, the idiocy from the left starts the minute that they start thinking. Never trust a Democrat or someone that tells you that animal cruelty should be a felony. They are trying to kill you and are asking you to help them do it.

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stilettoGOP said...

So what's with the "G_d" spelling thing? I looked it up. Seems weird. Why do you do it that way?

Paul Mitchell said...

It's a Jew thing. We are an equal opportunity blog and it don't hurt me none.

And yes, them damn Jews read this blog, too.

stilettoGOP said...

Yeah, that's what I figured from my research, that the Jews hate vowels basically.

I also learned in my search, that, apparently God hates shrimp. Long story.
But I've had a lot of wine, and now I'm confused about a lot of things.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh NOES!!! That comment needs to go on Texts from Last Night.

God hates chicken, too.

stilettoGOP said...

Hehe, that site's a riot!

I'd like to add "though shalt not drink and itunes" to that top ten list thingy..

I've spent a fortune on hair bands tonight.

KaptKangaroo said...

You have to repost this on JJ. Good points.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Kaptain, this post is over a year old, though. My thoughts have "evolved" somewhat on the topic.

Now, I think that anyone that supports felony charges for animal cruelty should be forced to be a test subject for what they deem cruelty. The reasoning behind that is those people would quickly see that even the slightest pain would be cruelty to them, then the whole felony ideology would fall apart. Boy, that idea is going over like a lead zeppelin.

I base my thinking on when the government reintroduced WOLVES to Colorado and Wyoming. That was the worst idea that anyone ever had. Luckily one of those sweet innocent little wolves did not eat a damn kid before the federal government started letting farmers kill the wolves again.