Friday, December 04, 2009

Intelligence from the Vacuum

Daily, I argue philosophy with people that have no philosophical values or ideology. Why? Obviously because I do not want people to go through life with a serious deficiency in capabilities or the (at least) potential to better themselves. These folks are people that I genuinely care about. I consider everyone to be of SOME value to the Earth and I think that anyone can aspire to greatness. Never in the history of The Republic has the old saw, "Anyone can be president" been more true. Remember when all the idiots said that the reason that they liked Bill Clinton was because he was just like them? I always assumed that that meant he had no morals, no intellectual curiosity, or any hope of gaining intelligence, JUST LIKE THEM. I actually had one person tell me that the reason they voted for Bill Clinton is because he had "presidential HAIR."

Now, we have Barry Obama. When all the idiots starting talking about how freakin' awesome his 2004 DNC speech was, I checked into his background. For the last five years, I have been struggling to find a single, fleeting instant where he showed even a modicum of any intelligence. Still, after five years, I have found no evidence that he possesses the mental acuity of an NFL defensive back or a common laborer. Yet, I hear daily about how smart Barry Obama is. He proves daily that he is ridiculously stupid in everything he does, yet the idiots on the left think that he is smart. What am I missing?

This brings us to today's lesson, which is the very same lesson that we always have. Nothing is mutually exclusive. What this means is that everything that I do has some kind of impact on the world and the physical nature of the planet. Same goes for everything else. If I am sitting in a chair, no one else can occupy that chair. I make the world bend to my actions. At the very same time, the rest of the entire world is affecting me in the very same way. Where you are, I cannot be.

This leads us to the topic of the day. Mathematics and science. (With regard to evolution, God, economics, sociology, etc.) Since leftists refuse to learn even a marginal amount of either mathematics or science because both refute everything that they know, I shall make this discussion as easy as possible.

Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection was not really his, there were plenty of other anti-G_d folks that simply had to denigrate the ideology of the spiritual. But, while recalling that nothing is mutually exclusive, we must examine how many contradictions exist in the anti-G_d ideology and faith.

A quick aside, on ABC Marketwatch this morning, they announced that new jobless claims INCREASED by 11,000 last week, yet the unemployment figure FELL from 10.2% to 10% even. Um, okay, PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK. This is an example of leftist mathematics. Obviously, those two figures are totally independent of each other and are totally contradictory. Please keep in mind that TWO TRUISMS are being denied here. Nothing is mutually exclusive and contradictions CANNOT exist in the reality.

The Theory of Natural Selection assumes two huge, glaring contradictions, that mathematics and science are utterly contradictory to each other and exist in mutually exclusive realms. This is called Blind Faith. Since both assumptions defy all FACTS, math and science are thrown out in an attempt to accept the basic premise stated by Darwin in his 1859 best selling G_d-hating tome, On the Origin of the Species. Yes, Darwin's book was published BEFORE the invention of every single thing within the cone of your vision. Grasp that FACT. Leftists "believe" something that attempts to explain the origin of man that was posited before the invention of PLASTIC, the telephone, and the gas-fired internal combustion engine.

WOW! That sounds really, really stupid, BECAUSE IT IS. But, soon, these very same "scientists" hope to have the proof necessary to show that the Earth is really flat and the universe is controlled by a wheelchair-bound, mixed-race, married lesbian that regularly plays soccer, to a draw every time.

What are the odds/possibilities that G_d exist? Obviously, a normal person with absolutely ZERO evidence of G_d would assume ZERO. However, a normal person with absolutely ZERO evidence of the LACK of G_d would assume ZERO, too. That means the odds are FIFTY-FIFTY or EVEN ODDS. <--That terminology in itself sends me into a fit.

Now, with a scientific theory, such as Natural Selection or Anthropomorphic Global Warming, you can compile data to actually give you evidence that supports or refutes your theory. AGW is disputed by the concrete method of OBSERVATION of the historical temperature data. Yes, AGW has been proven to be false over and over again with actual SCIENTIFIC and MATHEMATICAL data, to the point of madness, yet leftists still believe it. You see, for AGW to actually be happening, a rise in temperatures MUST be observed and that rise must be maintained. Since it has not been, then WARMING must be false because there is NO WARMING. Every six year old child can understand this, yet people of the leftist ideology do not.

BUT! Since there is a "scientific consensus" that AGW is occurring, IT MUST BE TRUE!!! Remember this statement, it is important to "nothing is mutually exclusive" and the scientific method. Ignore the fact that the people charged specifically with gathering this "scientific" data committed fraud and then foisted it upon their colleagues in an effort to continue their government funding, AGW is happening, I tell YA!!!

Now, consensus. Fully 92% of Americans believe in G_d, this percentage is fully FORTY-FIVE PERCENT GREATER than those "scientists" that believe in AGW. Yes, I am sure that you think that ALL SCIENTISTS believe that Anthropomorphic Global Warming is actually happening, but the real number of "scientists" that believe it is actually UNDER HALF.

How can THIS consensus be utterly wrong, when a much, much lesser "consensus" is true? This is contradictory, huh? Well, a leftist, an anti-science and anti-math person, will argue that G_d doesn't fall into the realm of "science," yet I think that we all agree that nothing is mutually exclusive, so where does this silly belief in G_d originate? Does man simply desire to accept the supernatural to explain stuff that he fails to understand?

Of course, otherwise the AGW crowd would NOT exist. Even though facts prove that moonbat forever wrong, he BLINDLY flails forward in his attempt to prove the unprovable.

As far as proof of the supernatural or G_d-ish, I do have many personal anecdotes to relay. Things that cannot be explained, by scientific or mathematical means, have happened to me personally. I am sure that you can tell those very same stories, too.

Now, I offer a simple ideological question, "How do tax cuts cost money?" A leftist will always answer that from the ridiculous standpoint of their lack of ideology that assumes the first point that every penny must belong to the government from the jump.

By the way, the people that truly believe in The Theory of Natural Selection MUST, MUST, MUST never wear any clothing, must never bathe, and can be distinguished by the ass bush long enough to bead and braid. Just saying.

Fight stupidity with everything you do, slap a liberal around daily.

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(Dead) Tommy5 said...

1.) How can a "wheelchair-bound, mixed-race, married lesbian" play soccer?

2.) How many times to have to tell you that it is now "Climate Change" not "Global Warming"?

Speaking of Soccer: The World Cup groups were announced today. USA is in Group C with England, Slovenia and Algeria.

Paul Mitchell said...

1. (D)T5, I am really unsure of the rules to that Third World game. Do they discriminate against people based on race, sex, sexual preference, and physical handicap?

2. It takes me more than ONE MINUTE to change all definitions of everything that is "believed" by the idiots of the left.

On your third point, here's a penny, find someone that gives a SHIT about soccer.

Skunkfeathers said...

I don't give a sh** about soccer-playing wheelchairs that are lesbian. Not sure how that'd work, but I'm not liberal, so I don't have to pretend it does.

I'll not give a sh** about soccer, penny or not.

Just call AGW AlGoresWhining, and it's the same thing in the end: a fraud.

Paul, this White House believes in "new math": they plan to have plenty of help from ACORN in '10 to win all those new congressional districts that don't exist, in the 7 states outside the 50.