Monday, December 14, 2009

The Lemmings Are Stampeding!!!

If you have never had the misfortune of reading Jackson, Mississippi's "news" paper, The Clarion Ledger, you have never had the opportunity to actually observe total lunacy on parade. The Sunday "Perspective" section is some of the funniest stuff this side of ABC Marketwatch. The Op-Ed editor, David Hampton, had a column in yesterday's paper that slams that point home clearly.

If you took the time to read that, I realize that you will have to have few minutes to regain your composure from the hysterical laughing. You see, if there is one thing that far-left liberals, like Hampton, cannot stand is a stupid (Ed Note: Delete "stupid" in the final draft because it is redundant when used with "liberal.") liberal idea that has been proven wrong every time it is tried.

The funniest thing about David's article is the continued reference to the "gimme crowd." Then he goes on to promote tax increases. To what point? MORE GOVERNMENT.

Communism really got a bad rap because the Soviets just did not do it right. Total selflessness is completely attainable!!! Funny how only the people that do not produce anything are always the ones that are bitching about people being selfish, huh?

David Hampton promotes taking money from people that EARN that money, and giving it to people that do not EARN that money. Which side is the "gimme crowd?" Note: David Hampton is part of the "gimme crowd," Paul Mitchell is the part of the "earn-y crowd."

Liberal "logic" is utterly amazing.

To take Hampton's ideology to the ultimate pinnacle, one only has to observe the silliness that is COP15. The environment is so utterly important that the countries that feed the world must feed the world MORE.

What is even funnier is that dead on the heels of Climategate comes the next wave of "consensus science." Most of you know that James Hansen, NASA's moonbat human hater, was the one that was sreaming about "global cooling" in the 1970s. Here's NASA-gate. SCIENCE!

And while the anti-human crowds try to kill more humans with their meeting in Hope-n-hagen, snow falls in Australia. DURING SUMMER. By the way, unless you understand leftist "science," you do not know that COOLING proves WARMING.

So what does the actual data, hidden by the CRU and leftist "scientists" show regarding "global warming?" NO CHANGE of any consequence.

While WARMING rages, the lectures, protests, and summits are postponed due to COOLING.

Luckily those very same people that are bitching about not getting enough money from the rich countries at the AGW summit, took their thermometers and headed home.

By the way, this is the best example of "scientist" for the leftists. Greenpeacers.

Sorry, I had a typo in the line preceding "Greenpeacers." The sentence should have read, "By the way, this is the typical misinformed, moronic, utter douchebag that illustrates perfectly the stupidity of leftists that offer nothing to production and shall never be of any importance to anything in the world. They fucking suck."

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Skunkfeathers said...

The Cladipus Licker strikes again, eh?

Skunkfeathers said...

The Cladipus Licker strikes again, eh?