Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minimum Wage Laws are RAAAAACIST!!!

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Daily I listen to the national media talk about how wonderfully our federal government is performing their tasks. Oh, that poor, poor, poor Harry Reid is just killing himself over this "healthcare" bill. Ignore the fact that the legislation they are working on is going to minimally increase your medical services by thirteen percent**, the bill is just flat out stupid.

If you actually are a person that is naturally inquisitive, you have tried to figure out exactly how you are able to hoard less cash recently. This should be very obvious when you go to the store and everything you buy is more expensive in relationship to your income.

Short answer? Democrats have been running our federal government since January 2007.

Yes, despite what you hear on the national news, during George W. Bush's eight year presidency, he had a Republican Senate for only four years of his eight and a Republican House for only six years of his eight. I do hope you know that the Senate is the "august" body that actually runs things in DC. So, for only half of Bush's presidency could he get anything passed that he wanted.

Did he screw up? Certainly he did, he signed legislation passed by the Party of the Morons. BUT! In case you do not remember exactly how well the economy was clicking when Bush was president, look at ANY economic indicator before January 2007. It is LITERALLY double what it is now. (On April 7. 2006, unemployment was 4.7%, today it is TEN PERCENT!!!)

TARP? Puh-leeeze.****

What the Hell happened?

In my opinion, minimum wage laws drive the economy. My first post on this was penned in March of 2005. (Read it, it is the short form of why minimum wage kills the economy.) I wrote an even more descriptive post in April 2005 because I was asked for more information on that concept. The ideology of minimum wage is really easy to understand. Poor people need more money. But, there is another really simple thing to understand, there is no way to knock one man down to build another man up.

Again, why are we in this current financial shit storm? Democrats. Yes, George W. Bush signed their idiotic minimum wage increases, but it was a purely political move. He knew that if he did not sign the MW increase bill, that Democrats would hound Republicans into submission over that VETO. Such is the nature of politics, no honesty, just bullshit.

The fun part of this scenario is that eventually, if all things remain the same, the economy recovers from the stupidity of raising minimum wage. This happens because the people who received that huge WAGE CUT, those of us that make more than minimum wage, tighten our purse strings, because we are not stupid, hoard money, and eventually accumulate still more savings. All this happens while those that only make minimum wage, unskilled and stupid people, continue the exact same spending habits because their salary maintained a status quo. And because they are stupid. Why do you think they make minimum wage?

Also, when that minimum wage is increased, it takes a minute for the market to slow down and realize how stupid that is. I pointed that out in the post in February of this year about how the market reacted to the Democrats minimum wage increase. You can easily see in the market graphs on that page that your 401k was kicking ASS during the Republicans' control of Congress. You do not even have to be a genius to see it, either.

One more thing about how well the market is doing right now. In case you forgot, Obama forced a bunch of businesses out of business and the DJIA removed those companies from the index and replaced them with profit-making companies. This move artificially inflated the DJIA. This move happened right after the market was bottomed out. Get it? (When I say "bottomed-out," I mean bottomed out.)

Anyhoo, the Democrats crushing of the economy has fallen every year for the past three years on July 24. This year was the last wage hike in their three year ridiculousness. Again, I pointed out that unemployment will go through the roof every year right about the first of August. Guess what? I was right as usual.

Here's what I got as far as helping us out in respect to government. We all know that people that belong to the Democrat Party are idiots. We cannot all be smart, you know? Who would pick up our garbage? But, we simply must remain engaged with our government because the second we let our guard down, the morons take over again and we lose everything that we worked so hard to gain.

Yes, we all know that our current president is an imbecile. And NO! It has nothing to do with his skin color. In case you are unaware, Barry Obama is more white than he is black. Oh, and he is NOT young either.

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**the individual cost of medical services in France ROSE by 13% when they instituted FREE medical services. The percentage of their income that they spent on medical services went from 5% of annual income to over 17% of annual income, too. Good idea? Hardly.

**** TARP was passed by the Democrat Congress. Do you think that Bush went over to the Democrat run Congress and got a single thing passed by them that BUSH wanted? If you believe that, call me, I have some land, WORTH MILLIONS!, that I will sell you for virtually nothing.


classicaliberal said...

I was reading through your post and the links, and then I got to this one and all I could think was 'Wow, Paul used to have readers!'

Andy said...

Paul, pay no attention to the man in the hat...and the Roy Orbison sunglasses. You have reader.

You wrote, "the second we let our guard down, the morons take over again and we lose everything that we worked so hard to gain." Crap...GUARD! DOWN!

I swear man, I never imagined in my younger days that we'd have the lowlife crowd that we have now actually on the verge of screwing us into the ground forever.

Glad I gots friends! Even CL...

Paul Mitchell said...

CL, that was posted before we got the Google Reader, you know? I remember when we had to actually visit blogs to read them back in my day, Whippersnapper.

Andy, if you read all the stuff that I do daily you might lose your good attitude toward your fellow man. I do not wish that on anyone. Trust me, I hate people.

Andy said...

That's why I leave it to you to do the heavy lifting, Paul.

I'll be sending those two dollars back as an act of gratitude.

Keep 'em! Please.

stilettoGOP said...

REALLY good post.

Paul Mitchell said...

stiletto, now if we can just get one single politician to admit that minimum wage is stupid and causes illegals to come here to work for less than MW, we might be on to something.

stilettoGOP said...

REALLY good post.

paul mitchell said...

stiletto, now if we can just get one single politician to admit that minimum wage is stupid and causes illegals to come here to work for less than MW, we might be on to something.