Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Since We Are All Dying Soon

Now that the Obama MALAISE has officially set in on the country (and therefore the world), there is no HOPE left for CHANGE!

This is a view at the linkdump folder. Trust me, there is very little good news there. As a matter of fact, there is very little good news to be found unless you look to the individual dealing with the individual. But, in an odd turn of events, that is the way it always is.

I have noticed that when I take the time to engage an individual, things that seemed insurmountable before, become much easier to accomplish. I am not a team player. You see, committees and groups of people have a tendency to follow water's path. The least resistance is always preferred. And in some strange way this is supposedly best to those that are committee folks. You know, like Congress.

The attitude is, "Yes, I want all people to have what I have." The funny thing about that is usually those folks that do have stuff are not GIVEN that stuff from other people, unlike Congress. Those that have usually go out and grab what they want, yet they do not want anyone else to have to "sacrifice" to achieve those very same things. It is like humans are predisposed to the act of charity, yet try to ignore the act of ambition. Which is more valuable in the long run?

The things that I see happening around us can be looked at from numerous different perspectives. We have become a civilization of GRAYS. But, ambiguity is never a good thing. Moral relativism is never helpful, either. To actually not want to interject your values and beliefs on someone else has become the starting point for everyone and I am no different, but there must be limits placed upon that behavior.

We cannot reduce MURDER to an acceptable behavior and that is exactly where moral relativism leads. That is guaranteed when there are no established standards. Experimenting with "science" is one thing, but experimenting with human life is something entirely different. We are now at that point.

Where does the idea of "FORCED CHARITY" lead? Check out this Crowder video, it is telling.

Detroit was the ultimate model for government "charity." Please ignore the fact that if you forcibly remove something from one individual to give to another, that is not charity.

If you run a The Google search for the definition of "charity," the very first one is, "a foundation created to promote the public good (not for assistance to any particular individuals)."

However, if you check the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, the definition is "a VOLUNTARY act of kindness to another individual."

Somehow, something is VERY, VERY different in the two definitions, can you see it? The point is that there are two very different philosophies in this world. One works, the other is a complete and utter failure. Methinks that the ideology that destroyed Detroit is a very good example of the vast divide between the two. One requires an ACTION from a knowing, thinking individual, the other requires no input from a single person. One is generally successful, the other is a monumental failure.

When the failure ideology reaches the tipping point, even MORE forced "charity" is required to simply maintain the status quo. And then the committees start imposing even more ridiculous requirements upon those that do not suffer from GRAY philosophy, simply to support those that do.

Where in the world with this end? Detroit. What will it accomplish? Exactly what those moral relativists want to happen, a total destruction of any kind of standard. Historical records prove this. Every single time that liberalism is tried, it fails on a grand scale. Detroit.

Just so you know, there is NO WAY that the Democrat plan for medical services can work. It is not possible. Those hospital bills are already set at a certain price to actually cover the costs mandated by government. Adding additional people to the FREE! healthcare rolls cannot LOWER the cost. The only way to achieve that is to remove the restrictions from the current system. The new healthcare plan ADDS restrictions, so therefore it ADDS costs. This is very, very easy to understand for a marginally thinking person.

Moral relativism has removed the need for rational thought. "There are many shades of gray." Sorry, there are NOT many shades of gray, there is only black and white, right and wrong. Morality is morality, A is A. A is not B.

We also see a very few criminals trying to influence the standards of living for the entire planet (toward the negative) at expense of truthfulness, standards, and morality. But, when you abandon a minimum level of honesty, anything is possible. I do not profess to know what is in the hearts and minds of liberals, but it is easily seen that their philosophy is NOT one of "charity." It is NOT one of love for their fellow man, it is one of destruction, hatred, and death to their fellow man.

It is a reduction to the lowest common denominator of standards. When you remove the morality from the human existence, you remove honesty, integrity, and the desire to be helpful on all fronts. You achieve intellectual incompetence and failure, BY DESIGN. The end result, that is desired, is failure and it is achieved.

Finally, when your deception is exposed, the only thing that you can do is answer your accusers in the final way, violence. That is the final answer to the criminal, the liberal, the man with no morality. Violence begets violence. In other words, when the moral relativist sets out on the course of death and destruction to his fellow man, the moral relativist finally has to commit another act of violence when his dishonesty is exposed.

Those of us that have maintained a semblance of morality must be prepared to answer that violence and have been taught BY OUR MORALITY to turn the other cheek. Again, another true act of charity.

What the moral man learns early in life is that there are those people on this Earth that are not good people. We recognize evil. We recognize dishonesty. We recognize ideology that is detrimental to those that choose it.

What is the answer? Do something, anything, to get these idiots out of DC. They are bad for the whole damn world, the future, and the entire human population of the world.

And now they want to get rid of DOGS to stop the imaginary religion of Anthropomorphic Global Warming.

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