Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As the Blog Turns

Well, dang! That is not good news! I added Haloscan comments when this blog was about six months old because Blogger didn't allow trackbacks. When they added backlinks, their trackback service, I looked at trying to import the Haloscan comments into blogger comments to simplify commenting, but there was no efficient way to do that. So, I have had the two CHOICES for commenting.

There still isn't an easy way to import the comments, unless I hire some dude in India to do it. Yes, I downloaded all of them in xml format, but Blogger won't let me import them that way. I'll get around to putting them back in the timeline at some point.

Also, I do not spend any money of this blog. I tried to MAKE money on this blog, but The Google kept sending me e-mails about the cussy talk. Oddly enough, on one day that I got one of those "Gonna wash your mouth out with soap" e-mails, one of their ads was for PORN! So, I stopped doing using Adsense. Honestly, they should change the name to Ad-cents, because I got a total of ONE check for one hundred bucks.

Also, Haloscan has generously offered to allow me to continue to use a service that was free for about four and a half years, yes I sent them a total of eighty bucks in donations over the years, and now they want me to purchase Echo. Patrick uses Echo and it is not bad, but having to use the pulldown to get e-mail notifications is beyond my re-memory level and I comment at his joint and never get the notices because I forget to hit that pulldown.

I told y'all all that to tell you this. From this point forward, there shall only be Blogger comments here. I blog for the discussion, so do not bail on me. Say your piece. We do not require any info, no e-mail addresses, no names, nothing. You get to speak your mind with total anonymity. It's just like voting!

Just so you know, I am headed outta town for a few days starting tomorrow morning, so my response times shall not be what they usually are. I am probably even going to miss the FIVE YEAR BLOG-ANNI of this Testament to Mediocrity.

Remember, every time I leave town, Britfarr does something really stupid. Will someone kinda keep an eye on the friggin' redneck for me, please? And if he retires in the next few days, Andy is responsible for making sure that he doesn't UNretire before I get back in town.

And on to the BLOGSHOW!!!

First things first. When you look for someone to feed to you your talking points, shouldn't MTV be the very first source to which you turn? In my entire lifetime, there have been so many different groups that were politically active, but only on one side of the political debate. Rock the Vote should change their name to Moronify the Vote.

This probably doesn't apply to anyone that reads blogs, but tell your mama and them to switch browsers and then go over to their house and set up the new browser for them. Oh, delete the IE icon, too. Yes, the first twenty-eight times they try to log on they are going to call you, but then they'll stop because the new browser is faster for them to get their recipes and to send their forwards from all the hoax e-mails they get. Yes, switch to G-Mail and you never get another e-mail with "FW" in the subject line. Sometimes this is bad, but I have never found out WHEN.

Big government lurves them some big unions. The really weird thing about unions unionizing government employees is that the idiocy and the corruption that is formed when these two bastions of stupidity merge should be enough to fling us all off of this planet. Do you wonder why it takes an ACT OF CONGRESS to buy a car tag? It is because the people "selling" those plates to you must take forty-seven breaks and twelve vacation days a week.

But, luckily, the Obamoron Administration is here to clear up that madness. And thankfully, we no longer have to worry about Dick Cheney awarding all those no-bid contracts to the sniper teams. Instead, let's export a specific group of folks, pay them millions of dollars to do NOTHING. Really, I have no problem exporting lawyers to Asshole-i-stan.

Oh, if you are still reading the Barrystream Media stuff, here's a partial list of HUGE news stories that you have never seen. Funny, you would think that people that worked for a dying industry, people that all had college degrees in journalism, and people that were by TRADE unbiased would pop in to check on this stuff, huh?

Instead, you have a major newspaper comparing Barry FREAKIN' Obama to Albert Einstein. You know, they say that Einstein used to leave his house not wearing pants sometimes. I can certainly see Barry doing that, but also with his head stuck in a bucket.

Thank goodness that our current executive branch understands that in order to pass their sandpoundingly stupid agenda, they must roll out the bribes. Methinks that Obama just has to get stupid people behind his ideology, because no one with an IQ exceeding 64 evens listens to this douchebag.

And how is that economy doing since Barry has "halted the slide toward the precipice?" Well, NOT. TOO. GOOD. Let's just say that so far, Barry and his minions have been wrong on everything they have said with regard to economics. (Yes, Obama said that his actions have "halted the slide toward the precipice." Only to someone as stupid as Joe FREAKIN' Biden is Barry Obama "articulate.")

Pelosi and unemployment, sounds too good to be true? Well, it is, we are NOT talking about her unemployment.

By the way, since Barry and the Congressional Democrats have been Hell bent on destroying the economy of the world, they gotta find some more money. "Hey, y'all! Here's some personal wealth that these rubes collected for their retirement!"

Obama said that he was going to PUNISH Wall Street because those mean bankers were robbing everyone. Of course he was wrong about that, but his solution? Immediately give a bunch of money to Wall Street. Of course, that is not what he thought was going to happen, but remember, Barry Obama is an idiot.

What is the end result of everything that Barry has done in his first year, the longest year ever on record, in office? Well, he has effectively destroyed everything that he has focused his retarded brain upon. Housing market, a mere one tenth of our economy? Retracting faster than ever in history. By the way, the housing market is retracting even faster than Goldman predicted, which says a mouthful.

"Healthcare" is a RIGHT, but don't you have to have water to maintain your health? Of course not, Barry changed the rules of anatomy when he was elected Moron in Chief.

But, do you know what is different from 1994? According to Barry, the difference is that The One is in charge. Did you ever think that you would miss Bill Clinton? How funny is that shit?

Oh yeah, those glaciers that were retreating and were going to be gone in eighteen MINUTES? Barry saved or created them. I vote for "created" because the Obamoron is MAGIC.

In case you are curious to know what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, here's a primer. Oddly enough, we are about back to that point where folks willing to lay down their lives to save the philosophy of the country are needed. I wish we had started a little sooner, though.

We can't miss this one. The Religion of Peace that keeps on giving. Who the Hell knew that 'peace' involved a machete and a two year old's NECK? I have simply GOT to go get a new dictionary.

Now that I am all depressed and cutty, I had to find some humor to end this post. Gotta lurve you some Wal*Mart, now they are selling HUMOR, too.

Please take the time to comment.


Red said...

"head stuck in a bucket"
That can be the new "pants on tha ground' meme.

Paul Mitchell said...

Red, I have one accomplishment under my belt for my entire lifetime. It is never hearing the song "Achy-Breaky Heart."

My sincerest hope is never hearing "Pants on the Ground" shall be number two.

Fah reals.

Anonymous said...

Lay down their lives?

Nobody can do that today, those guys weren't up against satellites, drones, NSA, and money grubbing mercs like Blackwater (now called Xe).


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, I am trying to get a contract right now with Blackwater. Their shit is way too cool. I hope I get to hang out at their driving facility, I have always wanted to learn how to roll a car safely.

Basil said...

As evil as The Google is, they have improved The Blogger system where it works pretty darn good. I used to use the HaloScan way back in the day, but never woulda done that if The Blogger hada had what they has now.

(dead)tommy5 said...

What, no more Haloscan? Well, don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart. I just don't think it'll understand.

I don't know the rest.

Disgruntled said...

Awesome. Now no one will know I'm from the state that destroyed the Kennedy legacy. Oh wait. I mean...

whatever, nevermind.

Andy said...

TD, it's hard to believe that Add Cents pissed on you for bad langrig.

First off, I didn't know you could get follow-up comments with Patrick's Echo. I usually go back to see if he responded. I appreciate the heads-up...I will look closer for the drop-down box dealie you mentioned.

Man, do they still offer IE? You probably have to pay for it like Haloscan...and everything else that SUCKS on the internet.

BozO is like Einstein in many ways. He's black, retarded, and has an IQ of 63. Well, maybe not. But I understand that Norman Einstein had a mean jump-shot.

To answer your query, I do miss Bubba with OBozo in charge...and that s##t is not funny at all. I swear, I have said dozens of times how happy I would be to have Hillary as President right now. Dang...how far thou hast fallen Ange!

And man...how beautiful is that...the "unicorn" pierces the clown's foot. There is something truly deep and worthwhile about The WalMart.

btw: thanks for the link...I e-mailed you that I got an alert. Justin Case the spam filter on your G-mail account stopped it, I figured I'd better let ya know. Thanks TD.

HA! Word verification: dishablo

Joubert said...

Echo stinks. I'd give my eyeteeth to have Blogger back again.

Andy said...

Pear Truck, save your eyeteeth.

It's not that hard to switch back.

And, you're gonna need those teeth in the future, as WE plan to have you around much longer than you expect to be here.

classicaliberal said...

Clowns suck. True story.

Anonymous said...


I read some more and now I understand that link about the gov't confiscating private investments and trading them for Treasuries...this is really amazing, gov't confiscating private investments.

This type of garbage is supposed to happen in South America not here, NOT HERE!

And here I thought Obama couldn't do anything dumber than what he has already attempted to do, but I am in disbelief that he is ok with something like this. Does he not know how a country founded on the English system of law and cultural norms would view something like this? Amazing....


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, from all reports that I have seen, Barack Obama is the smartest president we have ever had. Some even compare his intelligence to that of Albert Einstein or as Joe (Theisman) Biden calls him, "Norman" Einstein.

classicaliberal said...

Andy, and everyone else for that matter, I am, in fact still alive, despite the best efforts of illegal immigrant honey smuggling terrorists and Ellie Light impersonators best efforts.

Skunkfeathers said...

Confiscatory policy R Barry. Clowns with blue hair and red noses tend toward being pervs.

Word verif: impheack
*what's it mean?*

Skunkfeathers said...

Confiscatory policy R Barry. Clowns with blue hair and red noses tend toward being pervs.

Word verif: impheack
*what's it mean?*

classicaliberal said...

Andy, and everyone else for that matter, I am, in fact still alive, despite the best efforts of illegal immigrant honey smuggling terrorists and Ellie Light impersonators best efforts.