Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog Pimping - THE Definitive Linkdump

I have gotten somewhat upside down in the work thingy, so I have dropped the linky thing the last coupla' days. I be sawwee, folks. Let's get down to bidnuss.

One of the bloggers that I first started reading got a huge notice from Rush Limbaugh, today. The blogger formerly known as "Rightwing Sparkle," had an entire post read on Rush's show. Kathleen is admitting that she is stunned to think that the Obamoron is destroying our country ON PURPOSE. Go listen to Rush read it.

Another long time blog friend publishes about Media Matters and AGW.

The NEW and IMPROVED Mini Ice Age is upon us.

Shocking employment news! IT. IS. WORSE.

And the labor force participation is at a five year low.

And we have set a record for unemployed percentage of folks.

And more folks work for the government than work in manufacturing.

And the cost of building materials is about to explode this spring.

Consumer credit plunges by 17.5 BILLION - still another record that is overwhelmingly bad.

Our lovely Federal Reserve Board admits their screw up on collateral.

I am shocked that the TSA is not keeping us safe. Luckily this dude with the BOX CUTTER did not have designs to kill a bunch of innocent people.

Matthews says all folks that attended the Tea Parties are WHITE. Oddly, Bob Parks disagrees. Mr. Parks probably disagrees because he is black and attends the Tea Parties. In a really odd turn of events, ALL staff at MSNBC is WHITE. This is a factual statement.

Teabaggers v. Fisters.

And of course, there is a shit-fit brewing over comments made by Harry "Dumbfuck" Reid and Bill "Lecherous" Clinton.

So, now we come to the phase of the criminals that have been in Congress start making a bunch of hook-ups and then start bailing.

And the ones that are not jumping ship are just getting convicted and sent to prison.

If you are started to get concerned about things and developments in our country, get informed on survival books. Brother Andy provides a dumptruck load of those books on Scrib'd.

Humor stolen without any damn remorse from Mitchieville.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Hmmm..Matthews is talking through his fat ass again. I've been to two tea parties. I saw both of them. Matthews FAIL yet again, in a long list of LIES and FAILURES that define his career.

Anonymous said...

The graph of gov't workers vs. goods producing workers is a nice graph but what does it mean?

It doesn't mean anything. Let me explain,where do gov't workers shop? Oh that' right in private sector stores. Gov't employees also buy homes, cars, electronics, and all other kinds of privately owned stuff.

Having more gov't employees can also mean if you want to start a business you need customers that feel secure enough to fund your business. Which means the best prospects for starting a business is in the DC metro area. Not to mention all those contracting possibilities, woohoo fat gov't contracts....$900 wrenches anyone, buy one at Home Depot and pocket the difference!

Tell me again why increases in gov't employment is bad? This article makes it sound bad, but if you turn that frown upside down the upside is pretty obvious (large financially secure customer base and lots of contracting opportunities).


Skunkfeathers said...

I'll make it simple: the bigger the bureaucracy, the more waste and inefficiency. Plus, government employees are paid out of taxpayer funds. The more there are, the more taxpayers get squeezed by bloated bureaucratic inefficiency.

I'm sure I missed a few things here, but I'll leave the details to the Expert h'yar ;-)

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, I was thinking about how to respond to Roderick's comment and your comment gave me a great idea.

Andy said...

TD, that's cool about RightWingSparkle's work. Good on her!

Hey man, I'll bet that Rush would read some of your posts in full on the air, were it not for FCC decency regulations. ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, the fun thing about RWS is that her daddy was a bigwig in the Democrat Party here in the 'Sip. And she's hot, too.

Hot chicks are cool.

Andy said...

Yeah, I note that she is quite easy on the eyes. Daddy a dem.


Paul Mitchell said...

Her daddy was THE Dem in local politics for a while, too. He was one of the good ones, too. Had his shit in one sock, he did.

The Mayor said...

More people work in gov't than in manufacturing.

What the effin' eff is that effin' about?

More people manufacturing manufactured jobs than actually work in manufacturing?

Basil said...

And you had a concern of my Planet of the Apes movie quote?

Paul Mitchell said...

But, Basil, I have never tried to make the language here hospitable. I expect better from you than I do from me, sir.