Saturday, January 09, 2010

Breaking News!!!

The Gore Effect is in full force today.

Bundle up, it beeeees C-O-L-D.

More on this breaking story later.

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Andy said...

When I read "Breaking News" on my reader, I expected to click over and see a photo of Pete Carroll smiling, as he goes off to forever doom Seattle to mediocrity.

(I wonder if the Rubbers know just how lucky they are.)

I must say that I am greatly relieved that it's just you. And, looking awful sporty, it I do say so.

Man, I'm revamping my Dad's website, and getting nowhere extremely fast. At least it's a good day to be inside, and pretend to be working.

Andy said...

Oh, btw, thanks for posting that photo. Now I've got new ammo for JibJab junk.

Hey man, you never did acknowledge my snowball fight video. I reckon it was just too juvenile for a big-time influential blogger. Sigh.

Paul Mitchell said...

Sorry, Andy, I have been out today at a basketball game. I have not busted open the reader but plan to soon.

Just so you know, that photo was from last year in February. It was seventy degrees the day before that photo was taken and the day of the photo, there was freaking ice on the ground. I almost broke a danged hip when I was walking that day.

Andy said...

Paul, evidently you missed it. I posted it a long time back, and you will not find it on your reader.

It's right here:

Disgruntled said...

Suck it up wusses, it's supposed to be cold in January. In Boston.


The Gore Effect,can I use that?

Screw the Planet, We're COLD NOW.

Paid for by Old People For Global Warming.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, Disgruntled, we been missing you, boy. Of course you can HAVE "The Gore Effect," I did not make that up. Every place that Al Gore goes to speak on AGW in the winter experiences RECORD cold. No lie, they have been talking about the Gore Effect for a couple of years now.

Andy posted a water fountain frozen solid in East Tejas today, I took a photo of one in the neighborhood right next to mine, TODAY, too. I'll post it shortly.

Anonymous said...

First of all...your picture finds you looking like that U2 guitarist.

Secondly, what's the deal? The temperature is nothing compared to Harry Reid being a racist. Trent Lott gets ousted for remarks way more harmless than this. What gives?

Paul Mitchell said...

But, Anony, under MY toque, I gots me some hair!

One HUGE difference between Harry Reid and Trent Lott, the party affiliation. If Lott was a Democrat, the national media would have covered his stupid statement about Thurman and no one would have ever heard about it.

Disgruntled said...

Paul, I have been wrapped up in the MA Senate race.

Brown 'might' beat Cokley and The Dems will still find a way to keep him from voting against the Healthcare fiasco by not certifying him as the next Senator.

Douchbaggery is afoot here in the Bay State.

Paul Mitchell said...

I did see that this morning on a couple of posts that I read. I have no doubt that if Coakley wins, she'll get certified right away though. Remember, Burris from Illinois was seated before they even determined that him getting appointed was legal. And they held up the Al Franken race until they could figure out a way to make him the victor, even though he lost in the real election.

Good luck, Dis, we need all the help we can get. Never surrender.

Disgruntled said...

Will the new healthcare plan cure the virus that is the Liberal Democrat?

I imagine it's only a matter of time before it collapses under it's own ponderous weight.

Vote Democrat or poke out my eye? Get me fitted for that jaunty eye patch, arrrrgh.

Andy said...

Hey! Disgruntled is commenting again. Good to see that.

I'm just waiting for ChristinaJade, and One Salient Oversight...then it'll be a party.

On the serious side, it would be something if a Republican snags that seat in MA. But, it's unlikely. I guess Brown could win if there is an enormous blizzard on election day that drives all the ACORN workers under the covers.

But the articles I read say that it just might. And, it might. Republicans can win in MA. Witness Mitt (actually, 4 of the last 5 Governors have been Republican...if I'm thinking right), and for Senators... Henry Cabot Lodge, Ed Brooke (okay, so they ain't perfect).

Y'all got a good shot up there, Disgruntled. Just make sure your boy stops this crap. He can do it.

Skunkfeathers said...

Ice happens, Paul. Especially if the goat inseminator AlGore is nearbouts. Deal widdit. Layers, dude.