Thursday, January 14, 2010

Further Proof That Liberals Are TEH SUCK

About once every twenty years or so, the morons of the United World Communist Party lie, cheat, and steal their way into power. Of course, this keeps the United States of America from ever realizing the full potential of our philosophy. We simply cannot have total success according to the fascist mentality of the left. We must do everything in our power to make our country suck like Europe or ultimately like all the countries in Africa. Remember, liberals are flat-out stupid and they do not want anyone to be more successful that they are. It is also impossible to be as big a failure as the most successful liberal unless your success is taken from you at every turn. CATS are more successful than liberals and cats are TEH SUCK, too.

Anyhoo, dumping links to prove scientifically that liberals disprove their own religion, The Theory of Natural Selection.

First, OBAMA. All other scientific proof is secondary.

When you cannot find one single legitimate source to trash the US military, MAKE IT UP.

When you cannot point to one successful tidbit of success in national security, CHANGE THE RULES.

When you hate everyone, DESTROY THE VIRTUOUS.

When ultimate failure is your goal, MAKE SUCCESS IMPOSSIBLE.

When submission to failure is desired, REMOVE ALL HOPE.

If dependency is important, TAKE AWAY ALL MEANS OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY.

If actual facts dispute your words, DOUBLE DOWN ON YOUR LIES.

If you are filled with bigotry and hate, PROCLAIM IT LOUDLY BUT SAY IT IS DIVERSITY.

If gentle persuasion doesn't work, TRY VIOLENCE.

If death and destruction are your goal, TRY LIBERAL ECONOMIC POLICIES.

If feigned passivism is not convincing your audience, TURN TO BATSHIT LUNACY.

Continued economic links from Mitchieville. Of which I am one. W00t, w00t!

Liberal stupidity is not confined to the United States.

It is a FRICKING MOVIE, MORONS!!! Nevermind, thin the herd.

Funny car. Simply has to be owned by a "progressive."

Required reading to NOT be stupid

Cooking without recipes. This shall come in handy after five years of Moron Party rule in DC. The food supply is projected to plummet by THIRTY PERCENT this year.

Sorry to piss in your Cheerios. It needs to be done daily to keep this from ever happening again. Yes, I know it is futile.

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Skunkfeathers said...

I don't need to be convinced this depressingly! All libtards down in flames at the polls in '10!

Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the link!