Sunday, January 31, 2010

Methinks that Congress WANTS Tarring and Feathering

Y'all who know me have watched this blog become a shitfest against the federal government and the stupidity contained within. You have also watched me go batshit crazy during college footbaw season.


There are very few things that could strike utter fear in my soul, but Congress getting involved in college footbaw is one such thing. Orrin Hatch (Fucktarded Idiot-Utah) has introduced stupidity to try to get teams that suck into the BCS. Make no mistake, Hatch (a Republican) is making these moves because he wants THE FUCKING UTES in the championship game. This is actually patently WORSE than uSCCC being in the championship game. We are talking about THE FUCKING UTES, y'all.

Ring your Congressman/woman's phone off the friggin' hook. I mean it. If not, we are going to wind up watching Rutgers v. Harvard in the BCS "Championship Game" as the final college footbaw game of the freakin' year. Good Lord, hepp us all.

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Anonymous said...

What are up you saying, with this congress interest we will get a playoff system...why are against this, this avoiding the inevitable: We need a playoff system for D-IA, period.

A playoff is a playoff, not matter how screwed up it is.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, it is beyond my comprehension of how bad a Congress designed playoff system could be. Would it include women's lacrosse teams from the Sudan? Quite possibly.

Andy said...

Yeah TD, I read that Hatch is back on the prowl, trying to get the JD involved.

Heck, I want it changed as bad as the next guy. But I can just see how screwed up it all would be with Hatch (one of those limited government Republicans), laying out the formula...

And knowing OBozO, he'd likely dump his stink on top of it, and Hawaii/Illinois/or Nigeria U would likely get an automatic bye.

I have long been an advocate of a "Change." And, I'm "hoping" for one. But the NCAA, the networks, and the fans need to do it.

If Congress does it, it'll probably end up looking like Barney Frank's rec room.

Disgruntled said...

Dude, how cool would it be to see lacrosse played with women in a burkha?

I imagine the next thing would be the Red Sox having to play the Phoenix Suns for the Stanley Cup played at the Superdome.

Jan said...

I can't even imagine a way they could piss off the country more than to get involved in college football.