Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Post - Still MORE Good News

I have decided to try to keep a positive outlook on the coming year and attempt to get all my personal business in order for the coming Obamapocalypse. Yes, folks, this year shall be the year that economic calamity cripples the entire financial world. We know that those that we so stupidly elected are not capable of even slowing their forced depression, and we know that Obama and his chosen Merry Band of Feckless Idiots are simply retards. The list of idiotic legislation is going to multiply tenfold this year. The Democrats are well aware that they shall be voted out and they are going to do everything in their power to hurt this country as much as possible in retaliation for our desire for freedom.

That is who they are. Hopefully, we can shine enough light on the Democrats' depravity where NO ONE will ever elect another Democrat as long as they live. But, I really do not have much hope of that ever happening because we have fostered a CULT of mindless idiots that want nothing but to sit at home all day, manufacture crystal methamphetamine, and prostitute their kids out to buy cigarettes. You know, typical Democrat mentality. So, if possible, this year I shall strive to be even more harsh in my criticism of the Obama Administration, the Democrat controlled Congress, and the union controlled federal government.

When we look back over the course of our young country's history, we see blemishes and scars from actions that were ingrained in the minds of those that seek to enslave other men. The Framers of our Constitution actually allowed into that august document language that allowed slavery to continue in the colonies that joined our union. We had slavery in this country from 1787 until 1865. Slavery existed in the United States for a whole seventy-eight years, folks. So, even the patriots that founded this country were not perfect.

Sidebar: There are people that will try to tell you that slavery existed in this country for four hundred years. Even if we accept that this was a country the second that Christopher Columbus found the western hemisphere, in 1492, since slavery ended in 1865, that was only 373 years. Please ignore the fact that the first slave did not even arrive here until 1612, and this was not even a country but territories OWNED by France, England, Italy, and Spain.

There have always been bad people in this world. Thankfully, it is much easier to identify these people in our country, they are Democrats. Some folks even go so far as to try to tell you that there are such animals as "moderate Democrats" but nothing could be further from the truth. Even Gene Taylor from Mississippi is one of the bad guys and he votes more often with Republicans.

At some point, we simply have to come to the conclusion that Democrats want normal people dead and will stop at nothing to accomplish this end. Nothing that they propose is good for our country and shall never be again. Plus, there will be plenty of them that try to jump the sinking ship in the coming days and months, do not let them. Tie that Democrat millstone about their necks and let them drown. These are people that are only concerned with their self-preservation and will stop at nothing to accomplish their dastardly plans.

It is time for us normal folks to grab this country back from the deadbeats, the illegal aliens, the Muslims, the job-killing unions, and all of the far-left idiots that seek to destroy all of the good remaining in this world. It is time for good men to do what is demanded of good men, protect and preserve the last place on Earth that rewards hard work and determination. It is demanded of us.

Yes, we shall always be in the minority, that has always been the case. But, producers do not care about that and we seek only to be left alone to do what we do. Hopefully, we can convert as many people as possible to our ideology and save everyone in the process.

Do I think that Barry Obama is the anti-Christ? Of course not. He is not evil, he is simply stupid. He has been allowed to climb minimally seven stations above his capabilities. Do I think that he is a bad man? No, he has just been promoted by bad men to the level that he has reached. Barry Obama is not smart enough to envision the things necessary to be evil, he is nothing but a puppet for people that are Hell-bent on achieving anything they want and was chosen because he was protected from criticism by being half-black. Seriously, there is no telling how detrimental the election of Barry Obama shall be for race relations. History shall tell us, but chances are really good that it is monumental and that is a pity. But, such is the nature of laying down with Democrats.

Since there has appeared a HUGE MAJORITY of people that diametrically opposed to the legislation coming out of DC, maybe we can turn the tide away from the total, complete, utter Nanny-State. It shall not be easy, but we are coming up on a time where very few people have a full work week staring them in the face, we shall have time to get to the protest and wave our signs. In case you have not noticed, the Democrats have sent the unemployment rolls skyrocketing since January of 2007. Not only that, but somehow the rolls seem to kinda contradict the true numbers of federal tax dollars being doled out for unemployment. Yes, we know that the federal government lies to us about these things, yes we know that politicians lie to keep their jobs, and yes we HEAR from our friends the exact stuff that we know to be true as far as jobs are concerned. WE KNOW.

We also know that housing stuff is not like they claim either. The things that we see are all too telling. OH! Fannie and Freddie need more money to keep deadbeats in houses they cannot afford? Well, let's take still more tax money from the fewer and fewer folks that are working and give it to those that are NOT. Who thinks that this is a good idea? I certainly do not. Can someone please tell me why the government even cares if more people own homes or not? Isn't government's primary responsibility supposed to be to keep our country, states, cities, and homes SAFE? What in the world am I missing here?

And why exactly would our president continue to side with people that do nothing but destroy our opportunities to produce jobs and generate wealth? In case you were unaware, a union's sole responsibility is to reduce the production and output of companies. Does this sound like good business? Who in the world thinks that profit and production is bad? Democrats and their ideological brethren. What does that tell you about Democrats? You know, since they think that PROFIT IS BAD.

To further illustrate the idiocy that is Democrat ideology, there comes a breaking story on the very first day of 2010 that shows you exactly the end result of their ideology. They want "universal healthcare." While this certainly sounds like a good idea, in practice, it removes the ONE THING that brings about innovation and accomplishment. PROFIT. Without profit, there is NO REASON for a business to exist. And YES, Myrtle, medical services are businesses. Without profit, they cannot exist. So, why on Earth would Democrats want "universal healthcare?" Is it to KILL OLD PEOPLE? If you accept the first premise that Democrats want everyone dead, then it is not a big leap to see the reason that Democrats want to control medical services.

You know what is even more funny about this "healthcare" debacle? Some folks think that it is actually about the Democrats wanting more control over your lives. It is certainly NOT, because they want you dead. It is about reducing the population. Plain and simple.

That death to everyone mentality is in every single bill that Democrats pass. Take the planet's temperature HOAX. They have been screeching about CO^2 levels for so long that they might actually believe their own lies, but the levels have not changed in over one hundred years, folks. It took an an e-mail hacker breaking into the computers at the University of East Anglia for someone to finally speak out about the corruption in the Al Gore camp. Why is it that no one would even acknowledge the fraud until it was too obvious to ignore? Federal government funding of "science."

This is the year that we must do something or the Democrats will have destroyed everything. The list of bad ideas from the Party of the Morons is endless, just look. Pro-illegal aliens, pro-abortion, pro-universal healthcare, pro-Muslim, pro-global warming, pro-union, pro-minimum wage, anti-military, anti-G_d, anti-individualism......

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

This is the year that we do something or we must surrender our good men label. To arms.

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Herb said...

Amen brother. But it gets you down when you write to your senator(s) about an issue as deep and important as abortion and all you get back is a canned e-mail. Not that it will stop me. We can't stop telling the truth about the Obamabots and how they are ruining the country. I hope this year you will post more of your wisdom in the form of your own writing. I stop by here even if I don't always comment and I definitely appreciate what you do here.

Andy said...

TD, you wrote, "There have always been bad people in this world. Thankfully, it is much easier to identify these people in our country, they are Democrats."

That made me laugh...and also made me think.

Dude, I hope that we can turn this crap back on it's own stink.

This is THE YEAR that we will finally discover what the peoples of the US are made of.

My instincts, intellect, and knowledge of all things. Period. tell me that it's over. But, it ain't over until Rosie O'Donnell sings...

We wil C.

I'm proud to be in your mean ol' sidecar TD. It's gonna be a hecukva ride.