Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stuff You Prolly Done Seen

As you probably already know, I print out every every webpage that I like, file it away in a drawer and then on days when my brain is too soggy to get any post up that makes sense, I retype those pages, and publish them to the three thousand, six hundred different webblarqs that I have designed to look like different blargpages. Yes, I publish around 62% of the web. BY. MYSELF.

Here is some of that stuff.

If you don't know me by now, it's too late.

Leftist scientists refuse to admit there is a Sun.



Recovery, what recovery?

Tiger Woods embraces his trailer trashiness.

When your former drinking buddies do not endorse your wife, maybe you should not either.

People are NOT bullets, or something like that. I had to watch seconds nine and ten about thirty times.

Wiener, fanny, well, you get the gist.

Hello Kiffin's uSCCC press conference. (With shirtless Corch O!)

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. (You know that you cannot NOT look.)

Uncle J's first free-fall. Illegally, I might add.

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Andy said...

Heh! Powers now has a "main blog." This oughta be fun.

Dude, I wonder if the Brown cat can really pull it off in MA. I guess we'll know on Tuesday. But that endorsement...that's gonna leave a mark! That's the racist police department, though, so it might not matter.

on-the-rocks said...

With all of this rewriting and publishing, you are going to have to pay Al Gore tons of cash for royalties (because he invented the dang thing). He is going to get more of your money through cap and trade. He loves you! You are buying 'lectricity for his humble mansion.

Sorry to ramble, my best drinking buddy was diagnosed with diabetes, so I am having to drink for both of us, now.