Friday, February 19, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - Still Another Linky Thingy

I have been busy as all-get-out today after sleeping half the day away. Sorry, here's some news.

Joe FREAKING Biden unleashes his big, ol' brain to explain the concepts of military tribunals to new Dumbassachusetts Senator Scott Brown. The very same Scott Brown who has been in the military for over thirty years and is the top military defense attorney in New England. Way to go, Joe! I did notice that Scott Brown kinda messed with Joe after Joe opened his cakehole. Oddly, Brown did not call Biden a "moron."

How do you get rid of deadbeat teachers that care nothing about their jobs? FIRE THEM. The ridiculous parts are that teachers no longer eat with students and are paid generally twice median income. No, teachers are NOT underpaid, quite the opposite given the state of public education these days.

This only brings the mind the question, why is thirty-five percent of the population so fucking stupid? Check out the caption on the photo. Priceless.

In case you did not know, the Obamas are fucking stupid. This statement has nothing to do with the books that Premier Moron Michelle Obama puts in the White House library.

Tammy Nguyen appears to be about twelve times smarter than the First Lady. That is NOT a compliment.

OH! Here are the thirty-five percent of the country that are brain dead. If you think that Obama's hideous "stimulus bill" has done anything good, you are stupid.

Hey, Lookie here! It is like the Clinton White House all over again! But worse! Can someone please tell me what kind of idiot would vote for a Democrat? Do you have to be suicidal to vote Democrat or is it just mental illness?

The Mount Vernon Statement from the TEA Party.

If you want to see utter ridiculous shitdouchery about the TEA Parties, read this. This imbecile ties the TEA Party movement to Dr. Amy Bishop. You know Bishop, THE SOCIALIST? Fuck me running. Oh, here's Dr. Bishop's REAL home page, not the college one that Basil linked. (You know, I might have linked the wrong Basil post. Who cares?

Finally someone other than me attacks the stupidity of minimum wage laws, yet this stimulus idea is brilliant. Someone seems to think that the Republican Party started as a Tea Party movement.

Oh, some out of work engineer attacked the IRS Building in Austin today. Of course, this guy is getting tied to the "Conservative Movement," too. Oddly, he was a fan of Communism and universal "healthcare." You know, two HUGE points continually made in conservative circles. Seriously, you cannot make this shit up.


And if you cannot get over the awesomeness of DINOSHARK! watch this. I guarantee your facial expression shall change.

I cannot wait for the Academy Awards, DINOSHARK! simply has to win best picture. Has to.

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Skunkfeathers said...

J. F***ing Biden lecturing anyone on ANYTHING other than ABJECT STUPIDITY -- the one thing in this whole world on which J. F***ing Biden is the recognized world-leading expert on -- is laughable. Scott Brown should have been ROFLHAO.

Paul Mitchell said...

Old Doddering Joe, the only person in DC that can Barry Obama look NOT retarded.