Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sure, That's Cool. Go Fer It.

If there is one thing that I am consistently aware of, it is the fact that people have a tendency to KILL you if they cannot make you shut up. Take a few minutes to draw a cartoon of Mooolhammet raping his nine year old wife and see if you do not immediately receive death threats from the Religion of Peace. In case you are unaware, Islam is the ONLY religion that is acceptable to the "Progressives." Odd that they would only accept a religion based on KILLING your enemies, huh? That just seems so very strange.


It becomes increasingly harder to deal with someone that refuses to learn mathematics, science, or history. Theirs is the philosophy of muscle. Admit it, you have never seen a "Progressive" ever use anything remotely related to FACTS to argue. Yet their only method of debate is to screw an emotional issue around to make it APPEAR that you are an uncaring and unfeeling MONSTER. Debate is impossible for a "Progressive." Emotion is fine, intelligence should never be used.

Sidebar, this was in the Clarion Ledger on Sunday. This is the typical college professor and she teaches FINANCE!!! It is a conundrum and a paradox all in ONE!!! If you pay for your kid to go to Mississippi College, methinks that your money is being wasted. I could literally type 500 paragraphs giving reason after reason why this person is dangerous to the planet. i could give this doofus a barrel of "Tough Talk."

Proof of the violence coming? Sure, the U of A college professor simply killed the people that she could not convince to give her lifetime employment. PROBLEM SOLVED. Funny thing about who she chose to kill, though. Was it RACISM?!?!?!?!

I thought that "Progressives" were the only enlightened folks that did all they could to defend minorities? Why is there a H-U-G-E contradiction here? Well, it is because they do not give one single shit about minorities, they have to play the emotion card to make it appear they care about something to make you FEEL that you don't. That is the very same thing that they do with animal cruelty laws and other such drivel. Yeah, the one thing that is missing to make this country a perfect place is to make it illegal to shoot a dog that is attacking you and you know that is exactly where these laws shall lead. Here's more craziness about basically giving animals individual rights. The letter writer is so very, very caring, huh? Equality for GOATS seems so compassionate.

I actually read an article today about a man in Britain that was arrested for putting his own dog down when the dog became too aggressive to keep. This shall always be the case with laws and the unintended consequences of trying to legislate to "protect" those "less fortunate" than us. Dogs are NOT human, folks. If I was starving to death or my family was starving to death, I would zipper open a dog to roast on the spit and never have one problem with it, either. Try to stop me.

In the very same vein, "Progressives" scream for abortion on demand for any reason under the moon. So, they would rather protect a dog over an unborn child. Where is the VALUE? Where is the importance? It doesn't exist and still the "Progressive" screeches about keeping your hands offa my body!!! The Timbow Super Bowl ad PROVED the "Progressive" ideology was a lie. But, but, but you want to keep me from killing a dog that is attacking my children? Hmmmm. I am just not stupid enough to understand your point.

In further explaining exactly what the "Progressive" advocates, one only has to look to the AGW debate. The supreme moron, Al Gore, actually screeched that the science was settled! DO NOT QUESTION HIM! Funny that all of the data that has pointed toward Al's money tree being the case, has been proven false, yet the leftists STILL say it is happening. The only thing to which they can point is that AGW non-believers must not care about the planet. That is not the case at all. We care about the planet more than the left could ever conceive simply because those on the left are idiots. They think that killing people by starvation is great because it allegedly saves the planet. Ignore the fact that once all humans are dead, there is no need for the planet. WAIT! Maybe dogs will run things then, huh?

Anyhoo, the reason for this post was to tell you that if you are not an idiot (meaning you are not a Democrat) you might want to be prepared for the push for the "Progressive" Final Solution, ATTACK. PHYSICALLY. You know, words have meaning and I actually take people at their word when they are threatening violence.

Just keep in mind, Charles Bronson's character in Death Wish was an architect.

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Red said...

Democrats might want to take care with their calls for strong arming the Republicans. Many I know are NRA members.

Skunkfeathers said...

The more the Regressive Movement's true self is exposed, the greater the fraud is highlighted, from AlGore to the Left's devastating lack of credibility, ethics, or anything that remotely makes sense in the real world.

Screw Mooolhammet. Widda side of fries.

Basil said...

It's "Be vewy, vewy kwiet. I'm hunting mowons. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh."

paul mitchell said...

Shhhhh, Red, I'm hunting morons........

Basil said...

It's "Be vewy, vewy kwiet. I'm hunting mowons. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh."