Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WTW II - Clarion Ledger and Ole Miss

The things that leap off the page at me are sometimes the most weird things that anyone can imagine. Sometimes those things that leap out at me seem to be second nature and make others appear to be ridiculously stupid. Obviously, that is ALWAYS the case when I pick up the Clarion Ledger, but you would think that college students would at least possess a marginal grasp of SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Let's map out the lunacy that is Ole Miss. At the crux of the matter, that university is Mississippi's racist bastion to this day. Never will Ole Miss shrug off its racist label until they turn out the Democrats that attend, support, and drag down the university. Sorry, folks, you are part and parcel of the Klan. Until you throw out the Klan members, you are literally the Klan. Getting rid of Colonel Reb was NOT the first thing that you needed to do.

It was the lipstick on the pig, folks. You still have the very same corrupt racists running your university that you have always had. Granted, those same racists wear turtlenecks instead of string ties now, but they are still the same pig.

Anyhoo, Ole Miss had a little ballot thingy to determine whether to replace Colonel Reb with another mascot. The Clarion Ledger states:
The Ole Miss student body agreed, as nearly 75 percent supported a measure to include students in the search for a mascot. There were 3,366 total votes cast Tuesday, with 2,510 voting yes and 856 voting no.
Okay, thanks for admitting that over twenty-five percent (25%) of your student body is retarded.

Asks the university, "Students, do you want a voice in what the university does regarding a mascot?"

Twenty-five percent of the student body replies, while obviously sitting in the corner eating their own bodily waste, "Um, NO!"

See the rest of the article for more idiocy from the Clarion Ledger and the morons at Ole Miss.

If I may be so bold as to suggest a new mascot, you should try a VASE of PANSIES.

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Staci said...

That's kind of a mini-expose' of what's wrong with everything. 25% of people just don't give a damn - not even to get bitchin' rights when it turns out bad.

Paul Mitchell said...

Staci, do you think that it is don't give a damn or could it be that they don't have the brain power to figure out what they are doing, saying, or voting for?

Staci said...

I'm reasonably certain, after being around some of the next generation, that they don't have the brain power and they don't give a damn that they don't, either. There's one here and there that actually thinks, but holy crap! are they few and far between.

I suppose I can understand it in "kids" i.e. anyone under 25 but after that, no excuse.

Damned kids! I hope they enjoy their senior moments that they have wrought upon themselves by their non-and-careless actions, unless of course they are killed off by Obamacare before they ever get the chance to have a senior moment. What really disgusts me is that they got my future senior moments wrapped up in their stupidity too.... wah wah wah