Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Day, Another Democrat Caused Economic Calamity

When I read the news, I get no relief. I have tried consistently to NOT do it, but alas, I always fail. I have to know what is happening. It is a weakness, I guess, but I have to be informed. Unlike at least 52% of the country, I care what happens today and in the future because I enjoy life and want to know the direction that things are heading.

The sad thing is that the ONLY good news you can find are the individual acts of kindness that you see, hear, and read about. People are amazing for the most part and I thoroughly believe that most folks genuinely care about other folks. Oddly, I do not think that most government officials or political pundits DO care about other people.

Witness this exchange between Bill Maher and the propped up corpse of Larry King....

Does the lunacy that Maher spews piss you off no end? It should. Despite the fact that Bill is "American," he still thinks that "Americans" are stupid. I agree with his assessment, anyone that considers themselves to be "American" is stupid. I am thinking that he is referring to citizens of the United States. Our whole country was predicated on the "Melting Pot" theory. "American" is a term that could mean virtually anything. There is a North America, Central America, and South America. So, where does this mysterious "American" reside? Yes, I know that he means 'a citizen of the United States,' but you would think that if Bill Maher considers himself to be a smart dude, he would make this distinction. No, he does not.

And do NOT get me started on how fucking stupid Larry King is. The few interviews that I have seen him perform were such painful displays of stupidity, it was like watching a trainwreck over and over again, in slow motion. Please, put this dude out of my misery. Hell, put the whole damn network out of my misery. Does anyone even turn on CNN anymore?

Then comes the continued coverage and mash-ups of Obama's "Healthcare" trainwreck last week. There could not have been a single soul that thought anything would have come from this bullshit, but still everyone covered it. If you saw the clips on the Barrystream Media, you thought that the President did a stellar job. If you did not watch the whole thing, you missed the REAL THING. Stuttering Barry really delivered the FAIL.

Bill Maher and his ideological brethren think that this president is a smart guy. The truth is that he is a stuttering imbecile that has no new ideas under the moon. Barry Obama is the typical big government hack that thinks "Americans" are stupid. If you take even a quick look at the way things are going, you will shit your pants at the idiocy coming from this administration. There is no other conclusion to which you can arrive. DC is populated with morons.

The agitprop coming from the federal government and promoted by the national media should give you pause. You consistently hear that the economy is in a recovery, but look around you, use your owns eyes. Do YOU see it? Of course not, because it is NOT happening. Even the national media occasionally screws up and prints an article that admits things are getting worse. Come on, you know things are not moving in the proper direction.

This CANNOT be pointed out enough. If someone was even marginally interested in keeping tabs of actual accomplishments, this would be screamed loudly from all the rooftops at all times.

The latest thing that you will hear repeated over and over again is about the growth of the economy in the last quarter of 2009. Everyone is going to be bringing it up again and again. Only one little problem, it is a fake story. If anyone actually took the time to understand what really happened, they would realize that the only growth was in inventory. This is doubly concerning with all major manufacturers fleeing this country in droves. These are jobs that shall never return. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news consistently, but you have to be aware of what happens when Democrats are in control. As Basil's link above points out, the two years where the Democrats took JUST THE SENATE away, the unemployment LURCHED upward.

That was just with Democrats controlling the Senate. You see, the Democrat Party has one goal and that is just to have the power. They do not care anything about making everyone wealthy. They care only for making more and more people wards of the state and to confuse the debate into something that makes you look like a heartless and cruel meany if you do not want the POOR to have all your money.

That brings us to the point of their entire political philosophy, GUILT. They continually use the word, "SACRIFICE" and try to guilt you into giving up everything that you value and find to be important.

Let's hit on that for a moment. Sacrifice means the SURRENDER of something of value for something of NO VALUE. It is NOT a sacrifice to give your life for your country, IF your country has value. It is NOT a sacrifice to deny yourself food to feed your own child. It IS a sacrifice to deny your child food to feed an utter stranger that you loathe.

This flies directly in the face of ALL Biblical teaching, even if there is the teaching of sacrifice. In Old Testament teaching, you offer up your goat to G_d in the hope of pleasing G_d. That is NOT a sacrifice the way that it is taught today. In today's meaning, a sacrifice would be to offer your goat in sacrifice for NO reason at all. In other words, the perversion of language has led us directly to ignoring the true meaning behind the term.

Does it help anyone to hire a man that is ultimately unqualified for any position just because he NEEDS it? Of course not, but that is exactly what the current philosophy is promoting. No one is helped at all by this mentality. It is contrary to everything that human nature teaches us and it is the main reason why liberalism and "Progressivism" is destined to fail every time it is tried.

The left teaches you that the only true and just thing that you can do is to give up everything that is valuable and accept only things that are worthless. When you value your intelligence, your morality, and your salvation, you simply must reject ALL FORMS of leftist dogma. You must reject it.

Not only that, but most of the leftist dogma contradicts the very leftist dogma. Remember, the vast majority of leftists believe in the Theory of Natural Selection. They promote the "Survival of the Fittest" mentality, yet tell you that the most fit must be destroyed and we must make all efforts to maintain the least fit. Global warming is happening, which is evolution to them, yet we must save the polar bears, which cannot withstand evolution. Geez, do they even read what they are writing? Does it strike anyone as odd that their very philosophy contradicts the methods that they choose to promote? Of course it doesn't, because most folks do not really take the time to contemplate the meanings of what the left teaches, either because it is just too silly or they assume that there are no people as evil as that. I am here telling you that those people certainly exist and they are running the show.

Do you continually find it really odd that there are many major news outlets aligned against your ideology? It shouldn't because you are trying to do the best for your family and those that you care about. They are trying to get you to SACRIFICE (in their definition) that which you find important to give value to things that have no value. It goes against everything that you know to be right. Does it shock you that you see huge organizations telling you that you are filled with hate and loathing for your fellow man when all you want is everyone to be successful? There is a great portion of the human population that hates HUMANS.

Make no mistake, there is an ideological battle raging right now, AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN. Since the beginning of time, this has been the case and those of us that have ALWAYS been on the right side of things are always going to be in the minority. Ours is the most difficult way of life.

Please keep telling yourself that NOTHING of value ever comes easily. If it does, then we were wrong in placing value on it. You get what you pay for, folks. Well, unless it comes from DC, then it is simply throwing money in a pit for no purpose other than giving something of value for something of no value.

This fits quite nicely into today's Homily. In order for one to learn to find value in something, they must first take the time to investigate what they think that they want to value. This is a very simple concept, but most of us do not invest the time in anything to make it valuable. You get what you pay for, folks.

Just like there is a concerted effort to make Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky into some bad guy over his holdout to pass the extension of unemployment benefits. No one is pointing out that Bunning is trying to FORCE the Democrats (and some Republicans) to follow the rules that they JUST PASSED (and Obama signed on February 12th) with Pay-Go. You know, this would not be that big a deal had not the national media made such a HUGE deal about Barry Obama pushing this in his new move toward fiscal responsibility. Instead of simply telling the truth, that Obama never wanted to actually do this, Obama's acolytes are now making Bunning out to be the bad guy. Kinda sickening, huh? Democrats LIE. Every time they speak. Odd how the Democrats keep saying that someone needs to make the tough choices and the minute that someone does, the Democrats immediately attempt to crucify him.

And as a final segue into the past reporting on the Tea Parties and how those folks, that want nothing more than responsible government, were utterly vilified by the media. But, now that the left is trying to co-opt that very concept, we shall see some very different reporting, huh? The contrast here is that the Tea Party folks are "Americans" that are truly concerned about the direction the country is heading. You know, like everyone losing their jobs and government spending exploding by FOUR TIMES last year. The Coffee Parties? Well, they are all for promoting the ideology of leftist politicians, not anything about fiscal responsibility or personal action. Just more about BIG GOVERNMENT and financed by all of those SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS on the left.

All that said, BACKTITS.

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ChristinaJade said...

Even JabbaTheMovieMaker has dissed the Democrats...that oughta say something.

Paul Mitchell said...

Quick lock the doors, all we need is for JabbaTheMovieMaker to try to join our side. Holy shit, we could not provide enough finger sandwiches!

Andy said...

Paul, I can honestly say that it does not piss me off to no end when I hear Maher, and his klan spew.

I have a son that is retarded. Because I know that he is, I am never upset by what he might say, or do. I wish it were not so, but knowing that he is a retard tempers my reactions to his actions.

Maher is just a retard. Plain, and simple. And, anyone that gives any credence to him (or to the nose-picker...Barry Bat-in-the-cave), all land on the same runway in my book.

You do provoke a good thought about what an "American" is. It's sad, but there aren't nearly as many as there used to be.

Oh yeah, thanks for the link. I only got that little (big ol') gem because CL was pissed off at the Mayor for not posting it. I don't mind being a back-bencher...